Rocky's Beverages, LLC launched its newest product – Rocky's Ginger Beer – which seeks to fill a void in the marketplace with an all-natural, handcrafted alternative to the increasingly trendy beverage. Made locally, Rocky's Ginger Beer contains no artificial colors or sweeteners.

The mastermind behind Rocky's Ginger Beer is Chicago-based entrepreneur, Rocky Mosele. In early July 2015, Mosele was enjoying a Moscow Mule cocktail and noticed an opportunity in the market for more all-natural, ginger-flavored beverage options. Within twenty four hours of developing the idea, he began recipe development, creative branding and implementing a marketing strategy. Now, just five weeks later, Rocky Ginger Beer is emerging on the beverage scene with a refreshing, flavorful option for consumers. Traditionally recognized as a staple in the classic "Moscow Mule" cocktail, fans of the trendy drink can now purchase and easily enjoy their spicy soda at home.

"In a market saturated with refreshment beverages, there weren't many options for ginger beer – especially ones that were lower-cost and didn't contain artificial ingredients," said Mosele. "Consumers today seek a product that provides both convenience and taste, and now there's a quality product that will add tremendous value to its current market space and also add some flavor and fun to consumers' daily lives."

The product is the second beverage to be added to Rocky's Beverages, LLC portfolio. In December 2013, he launched the now wildly popular Caffeinated Club – a crisp, lightly flavored soda water with no artificial coloring and caffeine content comparable to the average can of soda. Both beverages are manufactured at Mosele's bottling facility located in Glenview, Ill.