Choctál’s new multi-pack Chocolate and Vanilla Tours will include 4 oz. cups of each of the varietals, either chocolate or vanilla and will debut on March 28, 2016. The multi-pack tours will be available in store. A World Tour of Cups (all eight varietals) is available for purchase online here:

The Vanilla Ice Cream Tour

The full-bodied flavor marries the exotic touch of rare woody and floral vanilla beans with the creamy sweetness of classic bourbon vanilla.

Papua New Guinea:
Extracted from plump, flavorful, finely cured beans, the ice cream is slightly fruity with notes of cherry that linger on the palate during a long lush finish.

Elegant, smooth, and intensely creamy, this ice cream combines pure bourbon vanilla and flakes of vanilla beans. Its rich, complex and long-lasting classic vanilla flavor is utterly seductive.

The complex sweet and spicy characteristic of classic Mexican vanilla is enhanced with the slightest added touch of cinnamon, unlocking a hidden note of coconut on the back of the palate.

The Chocolate Ice Cream Tour

Rich and full-bodied, with a milk chocolate character rounded out by hints of tropical fruit and the alluring essence of sweet fudge.

The slightest hint of caramel at the end of its long, sumptuous finish only enhances its unique dark chocolate profile.

Costa Rican:
Its lively, well-balanced flavors of coffee and caramel dance on your palate while just a hint of butterscotch adds a subtle back note.

Undertones of mocha and delicate nuances of licorice, nutmeg and cloves balance out its long finish.