Berkshire Natural partnered with Commonwealth Dairy, the manufacturer of Green Mountain Creamery yogurt as part of its mission to provide consumers with access to healthy snacks. Berkshire Natural, a Massachusetts based healthy snack, fresh fruit and beverage distribution company servicing all of New England, now showcases its partnership with Commonwealth Dairy and promotes its brand to consumers as a healthy snack alternative.

Based in Brattelboro, VT, Commonwealth Dairy crafts healthy yogurts on-site with local ingredients and no artificial colors, preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. Green Mountain Creamery yogurt is authentic strained Greek yogurt made from rBST free Grade A milk from Vermont. 5% of the net profits go directly back to the farmers that supply the milk. Their philosophy is the fewer ingredients the better and keep only the real things that make yogurt taste great. Their Greek yogurts can be found in Berkshire Natural’s healthy vending machines and healthy snack baskets in locations around New England.

“Yogurt is a delicious, healthy meal-type option. Green Mountain Creamery Greek yogurt is made just a few miles from our warehouse across the state border in Vermont," says Berkshire Natural Co-founder David Starr. “We have a commitment to the most environmentally sustainable operations. Sourcing local manufacturers is one of our objectives, supporting local New England producers. Commonwealth Dairy contacted us about our healthy product distribution. After tasting their many delicious no fat flavors, we knew they were the perfect fit. We are fortunate that their operations are so close by. Their yogurt has become one of our most asked for products particularly in offices all around Boston."