Product Dynamics, a division of RQA, Inc., was acquired by Brisan in September. The company now offers clients a complete suite of ingredients and consumer and sensory research and product development services.

Product Dynamics is industry-recognized as a leader in food and beverage consumer research, sensory science and product development services, operating from a state of the art purpose-built building in Orland Park, IL.

Brisan is a 21-year-old company with an expertise in food ingredients and supply chain, and these unique technical insights remain the core business and critical to their growth strategy. 

“Our ingredient goods and new services can now take a concept all the way through production,” explains Brian Vogt, president of Brisan. “Supplying companies with carefully-sourced food ingredients is still a major focus for Brisan. Our new services will allow for deeper client engagement with increased value proposition.”

Over the recent past, Brisan had established limited consulting services, such as contract manufacturing searches, ingredient feasibility consulting, purchasing services, culinary trend insights, and advisory to PE/VC firms. 

“The strategic acquisition of Product Dynamics will strengthen our consulting business. Our new consumer research, sensory, and lab services will support streamlined scale up, perfect for nimble customers doing innovation work,” says Vogt.

According to Vogt and Judy Lindsey, Product Dynamics’ vice president and general manager, Product Dynamics will continue to offer its core consumer and sensory research and product development services, but their group will now have the ability to provide even greater value to clients within a broader arena.

"We’re excited to have joined forces with Brisan,” says Lindsey. “We’ve recognized the need to better link our clients efforts with added technical services and market insights, and Brisan can do just that. Our goal is to provide seamless linkage between product development and research in a way that will result in greater market success for our clients. It's an exciting time to vertically-integrate and provide a complete offering of products and services."

“We’re mindful that now more than ever, power has shifted from companies to consumers that have high expectations and public platforms,” remarks Theresa Cantafio, vice president of Brisan. “Food companies simply cannot launch sub-par products because negative product reviews outshine clever marketing.
Today, great products win. We welcome the challenge of this era because this acquisition provides us the ability to involve consumers in the product design process, ultimately developing superior food products.”