Camu Camu's Anti-aging Efficacy

March 3,/Naples, Fla./Amazon Origins -- Amazon Origins LLC completed testing that demonstrates the anti-aging efficacy of its camu camu superfruit. Camu camu is an Amazonian fruit known for its exceptional levels of Vitamin C, as well as other antioxidants.

The testing was completed by Brunswick Labs (Southborough, MA) and included Total ORAC, the 5-radical antioxidant panel, and new cell-based tests efficacy tests. The cell-based tests demonstrate whether or not substances, including complex natural products like camu camu, work in a live cellular environment.

Amazon Origins tested whole fruits, puree and freeze-dried powder. In each test, camu camu achieved higher Total ORAC results than any other fruits tested. For example, Total ORAC results for whole fruit were 2,600 per gram compared to 500 per gram for blackberry, the next highest fruit. Total ORAC results for camu camu freeze-dried powder were 52,000 per gram, which is over 6 times higher than acai freeze-dried powder and comparable to bilberry, cocoa, and mangosteen extracts, the company noted.

In addition, Amazon Origins camu camu freeze-dried powder was tested with the Brunswick Labs anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, and UV protection cell-based tests. The results show significant positive results for all three tests. In specific, camu camu significantly reduces cellular free radical activity, inhibits the inflammatory agent, NFkB, and reduces UV-induced free radicals in the skin. It outperforms freeze-dried acai in two of three tests and performs as well or better than grape seed and cocoa extracts in all three tests on a dose-equivalent basis, the company release explained.

Jeff Moats, founder and president of Amazon Origins says, “We are pleased with the results of these important tests. They establish camu camu as a leading superfruit and provide important pre-clinical evidence that all-natural camu camu works to fight against oxidative stress and inflammation and support anti-aging in our bodies.”

From the March 7, 2011, Prepared Foods E-dition