These unique and ready-to-use phillo dough minishells offer processors a myriad of filling possibilities.
Classic phyllo dough is made up of light, paper-thin layers of pastry dough that is very similar to strudel dough. Typical fillings such as cheese, creamed spinach, fruit, or meat are placed on the phyllo sheets and then are wrapped, rolled or layered. When baked, the layers of phyllo dough turn brown and crispy, flaking off as diners consume the tasty treats inside.

When working with phyllo, each layer must be brushed with melted butter or oil to assure flakiness in all the layers. Because the layers dry out quickly, speed is essential; this can make commercial applications difficult. To this end, Athens Foods (Cleveland, Ohio), offers Ready-To-Go Fillo Dough, a series of pre-layered sheets of fillo dough that can be used to wrap, hold or carry meat, vegetables, cheese and dessert fillings.

“This innovative product was designed with custom engineered equipment to eliminate the need to brush each sheet of fillo. We are the only fillo manufacturer in the world with this technology,” states Janice Guarnera, R&D manager. The company uses a vegetable shortening blend to keep the flavor neutral and to allow the product to work in both savory and sweet applications. “The end user can use flavored oils and herbs as desired,” she suggests.

Additionally, customers can request custom fillo dough, specifying the number of layers needed, as well as the cut size of the sheets. Fillo dough is free of saturated fat and cholesterol and makes an excellent substitute for puff pastry and other prepared doughs. It works best in applications that utilize a low-moisture filling, or that provide a barrier between the fillo and higher-moisture fillings, allowing the dough to remain crisp and flaky. The company's fillo dough is easy to use and has a one-month shelflife under refrigeration (nine months if kept frozen).

“The dough helps food manufacturers produce sophisticated, unique and upscale food products. The presentation of an item in fillo increases the perceived value of the food item. Imagine the difference between a salmon fillet served alone and that same fillet wrapped in a fillo,” explains Guarnera. The fillo dough is used in a wide range of upscale pastries and dessert items. Additionally, it can be used in wraps, burritos, tart shells, turnovers, fillo cups, Napoleons, strudels and cones. Chicken pot pie is yet another recipe suggestion.

Fillo dough layers dry out quickly. These ready-to-use sheets eliminate many labor concerns.

A Point of Differentiation

To help make more unique presentations, the company offers Athens Ready-To-Go Fillo Dough, Traditional Mini Shells, Graham Flavored Mini Shells, Chocolate Flavored Mini Shells with Ghirardelli™ Cocoa powder and custom flavored mini shells. The fillo shell products are fully baked, ready for use in bite-size appetizer or dessert applications. Custom flavors have included natural, whole wheat, corn and dessert flavors.

For manufacturers interested in varying the presentation of their dough products, fillo dough represents a new tool in the race to be unique. It is easy to use, can be customized to fit different types of food and allows processors to “mass produce culinary creations of a premium quality and make them efficiently, conveniently and consistently,” concludes Guarnera.

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