Chili peppers and their flavors are an integral part of many countries' cuisines. Capsicum oleoresins by Kalsec® can be depended on for consistent pungency and color. Five varieties and over fifty specifications of chili peppers provide a range of flavor, color and dispersibility to fit any food application, especially important to matching pungency compatibility in foods.
Kalsec Inc. WRITE IN 306

Add favorite flavors to favorite foods! This company's line of sauces includes Frank's RedHot® Cayenne Pepper Sauce, classic Worcestershire Sauce, six great Cattlemen's® BBQ Sauces and of course, the original French's Mustard, in both prepared and dry formulations. Excellent on meats, salads, sandwiches; in soups, stews, potatoes and stir-fry, French's Ingredients set the standards for flavor and pizzazz.
French's Ingredients. WRITE IN 307

The culinary arts combine with flavor chemistry to produce the rich aromas of international cuisine. T. Hasegawa USA introduces ChefArome® flavors, designed to integrate both taste and character into specialty food products, providing sautéed or caramelized notes never before delivered in any flavor line.
T. Hasegawa USA Inc. WRITE IN 308

Reduce formulation costs and fat content while adding naturally delicious cheese flavor. Supernatural® Cheese Ingredients from DairiConcepts have intense flavor profiles, three to five times greater than regular cheese, but still maintains a clean label. Available in Cheddar, American, Blue, Swiss and Italian flavors, Supernatural® is for applications where regular natural cheese just isn't enough.
DairiConcepts. WRITE IN 309

Soy sauce adds flavor naturally. Nikken Soy Sauce powders are made using the same slow, natural fermentation process that has been used in Japan for hundreds of years. Then, a special vacuum drying process is used to produce the highest quality, most consistent soy sauce powders available worldwide. A new Chinese formulation adds flavor and reduces cost.
Nikken Foods Company Ltd. WRITE IN 310

With a chef to demonstrate where art meets science in food product development, Danisco Cultor served a variety of culinary concoctions, including crayfish etouffee, crème brulee, pesto and sun dried tomato torte, and citrus-flavored tea. Particularly of note were the use of ingredients to improve steam table stability, extend shelf life of refrigerated products, and improve product integrity, texture and mouthfeel.
Danisco Cultor. WRITE IN 311

Design your own seasoning blends with custom flavors. GSC Blending has one of the most extensive seasoning libraries in the industry. Specialists in custom blending, GSC provides a wide variety of seasonings from Caesar to Szechuan and flavors from Blue Cheese to Chocolate Mint, as well as the ability to develop blends to specification.
GSC Blending/GSC Packaging. WRITE IN 312

A vast line of savory flavors and custom functional flavoring systems are produced at two complete development and application facilities for environmentally controlled blending of quality seasonings and flavors provide. SpiceTec-USF Advanced Flavoring Systems enhance flavors in seafood, snack foods, processed meats, poultry and ethnic foods. SpiceTec-USF also offers custom ground spices and herbs.
SpiceTec-USF. WRITE IN 313

All natural smoke flavors add zing to barbecue sauces. Hickory Specialties ZestiSmoke Code 10B adds consistent, robust flavor while Zesti SuperSmoke 350 has high stain and browning capabilities for appearance while imparting a very mellow, refined smoke flavor. Both are concentrated, economical, have a low pH and are microbially stable.
Hickory Specialties, Inc. WRITE IN 314

Prime Cut Meat Analogues and live demonstrations of FlavorCoree sauce-filling technology were big attractions at the Kerry Idea Café booth. FlavorCore technology allows a sauce, cheese or filling to be co-extruded with a mash at the time each piece is formed, creating a center sauce core, while offering the high throughput, flexibility and other benefits of cold form extrusion technology. Also touted were the latest product ideas from Kerry Ingredients' four new business units--Kerry Coatings, Kerry Seasonings, Kerry Specialty Ingredients and Kerry Sweet Ingredients.
Kerry Inc. WRITE IN 315

Rice vinegar and sesame oil join the offerings by one of the largest soy sauce manufacturers in the world. Wan Ja Shan/Mandarin Soy Sauce introduces its new line of seasoned vinegar and blended and pure sesame oils. Already available are a full line of oriental sauces including Hoisin, Stir-Fry, and Tamari, as well as Teriyaki and Soy Sauce.
Wan Ja Shan/Mandarin Soy Sauce. WRITE IN 316

Red beans with rice gumbo was a sample of the seasoning expertise at McClancy Seasoning. Creole Mustard chips combined mustard, vinegar and sweet notes. Their No-Scorch® instant gravies hydrate with 190° F water and maintain their quality on the steam table. The company offers an extensive line of dry gravies, sauces and soup bases. Its form-fill-seal packaging lines have the flexibility to custom package sauces, seasonings and combinations, such as rice and seasonings, or vegetables and seasonings.
McClancy Seasoning. WRITE IN 317

Patented pyrolysis technologies and refinement processes allow for the creation of CarSolVSA, a browning technology that was presented by Red Arrow. This almost transparent liquid can impart a range of browning effects to meat and food products. In addition, the company showcased a new "fried" flavor profile--a baked product with a "fried" flavor and mouthfeel.
Red Arrow Products Co. LLC. WRITE IN 318

Glaze and rub coatings give chicken, meats and fish distinctive flavors and an attractive appearance. Yucatan Wings, with the traditional flavors of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula with a splash of citrus, a bite of Habanero pepper and a touch of cinnamon were features. GrillMaster Marinades give flame-broiled flavor without the grill. They come in many flavors, such as Cajun, Lemon-Pepper, Hickory, Mesquite and Vidalia Onion. Coating systems for oven-heated foods give deep fried flavor without the frying.
Newly Weds Foods Inc. WRITE IN 319

Gourmet sauce dry mixes from Williams Seasonings, Inc., included Balsamic Red Wine Sauce and Chipotle Cream Sauce. Custom sauce mixes, seasonings, replacers and flavor systems are the company's specialty. Flavoraide MSG Replacer is a blend of yeast and flavors; the 4-fold replacer for MSG can enhance the flavor of all meat-related products.
Williams Seasonings Inc. WRITE IN 320

Unique flavor enhancer technologies designed to function as a family of ingredients that work well with each other--as well as with other food systems--are being offered by DSM Food Specialties. Gistex®, Expresa®, Engevita®, and Maxarome® represent the world's most advanced concepts in yeast-based flavor enhancers. DSM also offers complete flavor systems through its line of Gb Select® Savory Flavor Systems. Individually, or in combination, these ingredients can help improve the taste, mouthfeel, economics, consumer acceptance and label friendliness of all types of savory foods.
DSM Food Specialties. WRITE IN 321

Meats in powdered form were featured at IDF. Their spray-dried agglomerated broth powders give meaty notes to soups, sauces, marinades, seasoning blends and many other foods. Dry powdered broths, with controlled fat levels, carry flavors and augment mouthfeel. Chicken, turkey, beef and pork ingredients are offered.
International Dehydrated Foods Inc. WRITE IN 322

Dried Beer Extract from Butter Buds was shown in several products. Dried Beer Extract increased the flavor notes in shredded beef and amplified the spice and flavor profile of Andouille Sausage. The powdered spray dried beer adds flavor notes and enhances savory flavor in meats, soups, sauces and gravies. It adds fermented notes to breads and other baked goods. Liquid Cream Concentrate at 0.25% in ice cream added richness and rounded out the flavor profile.
Butter Buds Foods Ingredients. WRITE IN 323

Matzoh ball soup made with kosher chicken base at Eatem Foods was just one example of its culinary skill. Oriental Mushroom soup showed off their mushroom concentrate flavor. Shelf stable, aseptically packaged cream soup bases in chicken, celery and mushroom versions form the basis for many dishes. The company supplies organic, low sodium, vegetarian and Kosher bases with Star-K certification.
Eatem Foods. WRITE IN 324

Teriyaki ingredients were showcased in teriyaki chicken wings at the Kikkoman booth. The wings were marinated with teriyaki seasoning and brushed topically with a teriyaki glaze. The tasty Asian-style chicken wings were prepared with a teriyaki seasoning blend that included granulated soy sauce. Potato chips were seasoned with teriyaki seasoning highlighting the use of teriyaki powder.
Kikkoman. WRITE IN 325

Popcorn seasoning showed off the efforts of Pacific Foods. White Cheddar featuring aged cheddar, sour cream and buttermilk, with a hint of butter; and Spicy Cajun with red, black and white peppers--with a savory background of tomato, onion, garlic and herbs--were served. The company specializes in custom seasoning blends.
Pacific Foods Inc. WRITE IN 326

Protein-derived ingredients add flavor, increased functionality, texture and nutritional value to dairy, bakery, confection, meat and savory applications. Proliant's Ingredient Division offers whey protein concentrates, savory flavors, stock, broths and extracts, functional meat proteins, animal fats, flavor enhancers and other protein-derived specialty products.
Proliant Inc. WRITE IN 327

Salt Away, a means of removing salty taste, Sweet Away, to reduce the perception of excess sweetness, and MAG-nifique licorice derivatives, to improve flavor profiles and mouth-feel of low-fat products, were all present. The products were incorporated into a number of offerings at the booth's festive tailgate party.
Wixon Fontarome. WRITE IN 328

Specializing in savory flavors, including beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and many other profiles, Geneva Ingredients and Gilette Food Ingredients found visitors had a notable interest in their savory flavors. Also featured under the Geneva Ingredients banner this year was FlavTek, a line of sweet flavor systems for the nutraceutical, beverage, dairy and confectionery industries.
Geneva Ingredients. WRITE IN 330

Chef Assist products, designed with research chefs in mind, are a line of oil and water soluble flavors that allow research chefs to enhance and bolster flavor profiles, as well as to recapture tastes lost during harsh cooking and freezing processes. They can be added at any time: before baking and braising, after simmering, roasting or reducing, or other extensive heating processes.
Flavor Dynamics Inc. WRITE IN 331

A new oyster juice flavor, a pepper line of flavors, a shell shrimp and a clam base were highlighted during chef demonstrations at FIS. Noting much good response to the seafood line, in particular, FIS featured its Signature Chef Series™, whereby well-known Research Chefs used FIS products to promote product use.

Tabasco sauce was demonstrated in a variety of food products, including an application in fried catfish. Several sauces--including pepper and green pepper--were joined by a variety of flavorings, including pepper dry flavoring, pepper pulp, processor's blend and green pepper dry flavoring.
McIlhenny Co. WRITE IN 334

A gourmet royal sauce concentrate series, organic and kosher vegetarian bases, roasted stock concentrates, broths, seafood bases and rum dried meat flavors were all highlighted at the Ariake USA booth. Among the applications featured were a cassoulet chicken chili (using a low sodium chicken base) and braised beef with leeks and wild mushrooms (a beef base and mirepoix base).
Ariake USA Inc. WRITE IN 335

Certified GMO-free soybeans are used in barbecue and soy sauces, or anywhere there is a need for soy proteins and salt. The soy sauce promises to bring out the finest taste sensations in a variety of diversified cuisines.
Yamasa Corp. U.S.A. WRITE IN 336

Standing the test of time, David Michael & Company has provided flavors for some 105 years. This international provider of stabilizer and flavoring systems has become a leader in the industry through service, quality and technology.
David Michael & Co. Inc. WRITE IN 337

Wasabi, mustard, horseradish and blends were some of the samples offered at Accurate Ingredients Inc. The company also specializes in chemicals for the flavor industry, including Fontarome synthetic chemicals, Wen natural aroma chemicals, Wixon Fontarome licorice derivatives and many other specialty ingredients.
Accurate Ingredients Inc. WRITE IN 329

A database on CD serves as the new edition of Edlong's catalog, and an Internet version should be available soon. Featured among the products at Edlong's corporate-chef-enhanced booth this year were a non-dairy cream of chicken and rice soup, fried Louisiana alligator with honey mustard dipping sauce, cheddar sour cream mashed potato bites with jalapenos and several other products.
Edlong Flavors. WRITE IN 333

Technical Session: Soy Foods

There are almost 1,000 soy foods and soy-enriched foods on the market, and the U.S. market continues to grow, said Keshun Liu, Ph. D.,food science manager, Monsanto Co., in session 2,2-1 "New Generation of Soy Ingredients and Soy Foods: An Overview."

"Soy brings medical and health benefits, and it is a powerhouse of phytochemicals," he stated. "The federal approval of soy health claims is driving the increase of functional foods designed to prevent chronic disease. The top issues concerning soy foods are taste, convenience and availability."

Newly developed soy ingredients are helping food product developers come up with new soy products for the Western market. New generations of soy proteins and functional soy concentrates, very fine full-fat soy flour and concentrated soy isoflavones are on the market. The use of full-fat soy flour in making soy milk, and tofu and dairy alternatives, is on the rise.

The types of soy foods and soy-enriched foods extend to all categories. There are meat and dairy alternatives, and there are also soy chips, soy macaroni and, basically, soy everything. Key technologies play their part in making these new foods possible. Enzymes improve the texture, color and flavor of the foods. Fermentation is used to create traditional soy foods, and it is also utilized to remove the beany flavor. Extrusion helps in creating new soy foods. Extraction and separation produce purified phytochemicals from soy. Specialty soybeans are being bred for protein food, edible oil and animal feed.

-Fran LaBell, Senior Editor