The Cow is Now

Americans' demand for beef has begun to rise, this following two decades of steep decline. The past two years have seen demand grow 6.27%, but the growth has come at the expense of chicken, which has seen its demand fall 2.59%, according to the University of Missouri. Despite a number of potential speed bumps—rising beef prices, a slowing economy and a wealth of publicity about mad-cow disease in foreign markets—beef demand has continued to grow, and retail beef prices jumped to a record $3.21 a pound for USDA choice cuts, according to the Wall Street Journal. Americans consume 80 pounds of chicken per year, but beef has begun to close the gap, rising to 70 pounds.

Meanwhile, researchers may have found the key to tender steaks—lazy cows. That's right, scientists at Australia's Cooperative Centre for Cattle and Beef Quality contend that “the most telling evidence of whether a young animal would eventually melt in the mouth was how fast it ran away from the weighing machine.” Slower-moving animals were found to taste better than their faster-moving counterparts, scientists argue. Said one scientist, “The ones that perform like a (jet fighter) are the ones whose progeny are going to be tougher.”

In the Whey

The abundance of protein shakes, protein diets and protein pills are proof of the buzz surrounding protein. However, the benefits of protein-rich whey have not been as clear until now.

Recent clinical studies found whey protein to be effective in protecting against breast cancer. It inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells in a test tube and even managed to demonstrate a regression in the size of tumors of some patients who were fed 30 grams of whey protein concentrate per day.

A Flavorful Addition

More vodka mixes are set to join the ranks of flavored alcoholic beverages, as Union Beverage Company has launched flavored 80 proof vodkas. Developers say the biggest challenge was the development of the flavors—a process that took approximately a year. The company finally decided on six flavors: orange splash, citrus splash, lemonade splash, watermelon splash, grape splash and tropical splash.

Vodka has potential beyond simply flavored beverages, however, as the more exclusive versions of the liquor have found their way into recipes from many top chefs.

“A number of leading chefs are already experimenting with vodka in a small number of recipes, and that trend is growing fast,” says Edward J. Phillips, CEO of Millennium Import Company, “but vodkas are very different. We are eager to discuss with chefs how the distinctive taste, body and flavor of . . . vodkas can enhance their best creations.”

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

Coors Light has embarked on a unique promotion, the first one to use the power of global positioning system (GPS) technology to locate winners and fulfill their prizes. The program is testing in Quebec, as one of every three Coors Light Tracker Bottles in specially marked 12- and 24-bottle packs of Coors Light is offering a winning chance.

The Coors Light Tracker Bottle activates the GPS when its cap is removed, and the Coors Light/MusiquePlus Tracker Team locates winners via GPS satellites. Winners receive an expense-paid trip for two to Los Angeles. Furthermore, winners are entered into a drawing for the grand prize—a Coors Light silver sofa.

MusiquePlus is an Internet site where visitors also have the chance to win a kit filled with Coors Light gadgets. Marketing Drive Canada developed the Coors Light Tracker Bottle concept especially for Coors Light, as well as the promotional campaign that accompanies it.