The sweetest of all natural sugars, fructose is also a natural in food applications. Intense sweetness means lower calories in use, and improved mouthfeel and enhanced flavors result in customer satisfaction. Krystar® crystalline fructose from A.E. Staley offers cost savings, improved shelf life, and faster starch set times in a broad range of foods.
Tate & Lyle Food Ingredients. WRITE IN 340

Questions about essential oils, oleoresins and aroma chemicals were addressed by representatives of J. Manheimer. Two of the highlights were HJM Classic Chicken Broth Powder in a chicken nugget and Egg Flavor Powder in a soft serve ice cream. A new nutraceutical drink application was also on hand.
J. Manheimer Inc. WRITE IN 341

Minimize aftertaste and eliminate bitterness with licorice-based products. Magnasweet® products from MAFCO Worldwide use the functional characteristics of licorice flavorings to enhance and intensify flavors, modify sweetness perception, reduce metallic aftertaste and improve mouthfeel. Delayed onset of effect and lasting character of the products enables formulators to extend flavor delivery.
MAFCO Worldwide Corp. WRITE IN 342

Refreshing ice cream flavors at Virginia Dare were Bananas Foster and Ginger Peach. Hurricane granitas were formulated with Natural Rum flavor, and Southern Spice Green tea featured Natural Green Tea Concentrate. Soy products were made delicious with flavors and masking agents in Strawberry Cream and Vanilla Cream flavored multigrain, vitamin fortified, soy-based energy bars and Pina Colada flavored soy milk.
Virginia Dare. WRITE IN 343

A kiwifruit juice drink featured South Pacific Golde fruit puree and Natural Golden Kiwifruit Flavor. Samoyan noni fruit, along with cherimoya flavor, flavored a healthy breakfast drink with Nutra Fiber, a blend of inulins and soluble and insoluble fibers. A healthy chocolate shake, Fortishakee, contained soluble rice bran and was fortified with Cocoa Polyphenol antioxidants and vitamin blend.
Blue Pacific Flavors & Fragrances. WRITE IN 344

Soy-based savory products using the new Savory Plus line were featured by Ottens Flavors. Promising to improve the organoleptic flavor quality of new and existing products, Savory Plus was joined by a protein-based, non-dairy shake and fruit-flavored confectionery product line. Additionally, there were a number of other applications, including ice cream with 10% soy (where the soy flavor had been completely masked).
Ottens Flavors. WRITE IN 345

Fruit and vegetable powders, made from juice concentrates and purees, made a colorful display at Crystals International. Ranging in flavors from apple to strawberry, Crystals feature 50-100% juice content, Crystal Caps™ have 30-50% juice content and are encapsulated and Crystalettes™ are flavors containing freeze-dried juice powder, essential oils and flavors. Tangerine is the latest addition to their Crystalettes freeze-dried fruit flavors line.
Crystals International Inc. WRITE IN 346

Tea flavors, fruit flavors, herb and spice flavors, were combined in refreshing sparkling beverages. Robertet Flavors' Shy Teas included Oolong Tea beverage featuring Blush Cherry Herbal, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Cilantro flavors; Shy Black Tea with Blush Raspberry and Loganberry flavors; and Shy Red Tea with Blush Cranberry and Lulo flavors. Blush fruit flavors are light flavors for delicate beverages and background notes. Red Tea comes from the Rooibos plant, which is native to the mountains of South Africa.
Robertet Flavors. WRITE IN 347

Flavor creativity at Gold Coast Ingredients includes blends of pear and persimmon, peach and coconut, or passion fruit and berries. More than 1500 sweet and savory flavors are listed in their roster.
Gold Coast Ingredients. WRITE IN 339

GivaudanAccess is a new online service offered by flavor and fragrance company Givaudan. GivaudanAccess launched in July online and serves as a key element in the company's goal to attend to all clients, large or small. Access makes Givaudan's vision of "Creating Sensory Advantagee" available to all companies, worldwide. Web technology allows the service to operate at a low cost as an efficient sales and marketing channel. Key to the service are the SensorySearche engines that guide the customer through flavor and fragrance selections.
GivaudanAccess. WRITE IN 348

Featuring ingredients for a variety of applications, including dairy, processed foods, baked goods, confectionery items and beverages, CornProductsMCPSweeteners LLC is a joint sales and marketing company created by two manufacturers--Corn Products International Inc. and Minnesota Corn Processors LLC. The food ingredient divisions of each have joined to supply leading lines of high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, corn syrup and starches, as well as specially blended products.
CornProductsMCPSweeteners LLC. WRITE IN 349

Specialty sweeteners are derived from Lo Han Fruit and chicory. FrutSweet™, derived from the Chinese Lo Han Fruit, is up to 25 times sweeter than refined sugar and contains naturally-occurring, low glycemic and sweet-enhancing flavors. When sugar is replaced with FrutSweet powder, calories can be reduced by approximately 95%. Chicory Sweet is a purified and concentrated fructose syrup derived from chicory, while Chicory Sweet Plus has added inulin obtained from chicory. Agave Nectar is a sweet fructose juice concentrate from the Agave cactus plant.
Western Commerce Corp.

The first commercially available source of 3-Methyl-2,4-nonanedione, which can be used in tea, honey and parsley formulations, is now available from Florida Treatt, Inc. Naturally occurring in dry green and black tea and in dry parsley, it imparts hay-like green notes for a tea-like aftertaste in beverages.
Treatt PLC. WRITE IN 351

Flavor Systems add sweet and savory flavors to everything from sports drinks to spicy chorizo sausage. Seventy years of experience in separation, extraction, isolation and concentration of natural raw materials, plus unrivaled access to botanical sources, gives Wild Flavors an edge in creating and manufacturing natural colors and flavors. Wild's Colors From Nature® increase eye appeal.
Wild Flavors, Inc. WRITE IN 352

Captured at the peak of flavor quality, totally natural coffee and tea essences and extracts are at the heart of Sensus LLC's flavor offerings. Advanced technology eliminates thermal deterioration of the extract, preventing formation of undesirable offnotes. Tea essences and extracts include green, oolong and black.
Sensus LLC. WRITE IN 353

Hurricane beverages featuring rum, orange, lemon-lime, pineapple and Cool Art Flavor with Physcoolw, for a cooling sensation, were on display at the Mane booth. Healthy drinks Green Forest Tea and Hot Red Cinnamon, with soy, L-Theanine and green tea extract powder showed flavor masking capabilities. Icy Harvest Glace, with pumpkin pie flavor, got a warming sensation from Sensate Art Flavor. Cookies N' Cream Soy Bar contained cream, vanilla and masking flavor to improve taste.
Mane Inc. WRITE IN 354

Flavor extracts, including vanilla oleoresins for flavor and food industries, will be produced by a new company. The joint venture partnered by David Michael & Co., Inc., a global supplier of flavors, stabilizers and natural vegetable extracts for the food and beverage industry, and Aromatics S.A.S. of France, with a strong history in vanilla beans, will be called Extracts DMA S.A.S.
Extracts DMA S.A.S. WRITE IN 355

Showcasing blended juice products using carrot juice, Grimmway Farms used this ingredient for natural color and sweetness. Carrot juice is also suitable for baking, confection and other food applications. The company continues to develop uses for carrot juice concentrate, puree, pulp and essence.
Grimmway Farms. WRITE IN 357

Natural and artificial flavors, in liquid or powder form, available in Kosher and sugar-free varieties, were all incorporated into a variety of applications, including, baked goods, confections, beverages, dairy items, ice cream, snack foods and toppings.
Carmi Flavor & Fragrance Co. WRITE IN 358

Custom-flavored, dehydrated cheese, as well as spray-dried sweet or sour cream, yogurt, or snack seasonings, are offered. Wet and dry dairy flavors and EMCs, sauce mixes, shortenings/creamers and shelf-stable cheese for salad dressings and sauces are also available.
Commercial Creamery Company. WRITE IN 359

State of the art Sensory Science technologies--for targeting consumer preferences--were featured by McCormick Flavors. Attendees were challenged to see how well they knew the flavor preferences of various demographic segments such as children and Baby Boomers. The company showcased its Consumer Preferred Flavor Solutions.
McCormick Flavor Div. (USA). WRITE IN 360

Masking flavors that conceal undesirable tastes were on display at the Comax booth, which featured a lemon chiffon in soy soft-serve ice cream. Masking also was utilized with grapefruit luau. The flavors mask bitter or unpleasant tastes associated with herbal fortification; beany or protein notes; and undesirable flavors imparted by high vitamin doses.
Comax Flavors. WRITE IN 356

Technical Session: Sugar-Free Future

Sugar-free products have increased steadily in the marketplace, due to consumer demand from the 16 million diabetics in this country, and those with a desire to cut down on sugar consumption. Many companies have expressed interest in formulating sugar-free condiments such as barbecue sauces, says Z. Simon Matta, who received his M.S. from the Food Science Program at Kansas State University. His poster session 44F-34, "Evaluation of the rheological, sensory, and microbiological properties of sugar-free bar-b-q sauce," was sponsored by the Product Development Division.

The biggest challenge in the formulation process was targeting the same parameters in the sugar-free product as in the control barbecue sauce containing sugar. Matta formulated a sugar-free sauce using the sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame-K, a combination that gave the best overall sweetness profile. Matta optimized the viscosity of the sauce by testing combinations of various levels of xanthan gum and modified wheat starch.

At the IFT Food Expo, many companies featured alternatives to sugar, such as sucralose, acesulfame-K, aspartame, saccharin, thaumatin, tagatose, and trehalose. This spring, tagatose, a low-calorie sweetener (1.5 kcal/gram), received GRAS approval. The sweetener, which is derived from lactose, has many benefits including: being non-cariogenic, eliciting a low glycemic response, and exhibiting prebiotic effects. Tagatose is heat-stable and browns like sugar. One supplier plans to begin marketing tagatose (as Gaio®) in 2003. Applications include diet soft drinks, confections, baked goods and desserts.

For information regarding sugar-free barbecue sauce, Contact Matta at For information on tagatose, visit:

-Laura Brandt, Contributing Editor