Prepared Foods November 28, 2005 e-newsletter

Hat Trick Beverage Inc. will sign an agreement with Waterfall Gourmet Beverage to form a joint venture between both companies as they continue their expansion plans.

The joint venture will combine the products of Hat Trick with the distribution network of Waterfall Beverages. With the combined products of the company, the product line grows tremendously, and it gives both companies a more diversified product line, as well as opens new markets for both companies.

"The product lines for both companies are extremely exciting, and we are very optimistic and positive with regard to this joint venture. We have been seeking a solid partner in Texas, and now we feel we found that person," stated Larry Twombly, president and CEO of Hat Trick Beverage.

"We have been seeking to add new and exciting products to our already successful product line, and Hat Trick gives us the opportunity to do so. We are aggressively seeking to grow our product line, and along with Hat Trick, we are hoping to do so as we showcase the joint venture at the upcoming National Association of Convenience Stores Trade Show," stated Phil Hroback, president and CEO of Waterfall Gourmet Beverage.