Prepared Foods November 14, 2005 e-newsletter

Hat Trick Beverage Inc. has signed a letter of intent with Bucket Head Beverage to form a joint venture as they continue their expansion plans.

The joint venture will combine the products of Bucket Head with the experience, knowledge and distribution network of Hat Trick. With the combined products of the company, the product line grows tremendously, and it gives Hat Trick a more diversified product line.

Bucket Head is a Nevada corporation based in Orange County, Calif. Bucket Head has developed a number of exciting products, including:

-- SuperBuzz Energy Drink: A 16oz. mango-passionfruit-flavored beverage that will compete in the profitable energy-drink category dominated by entries such as Red Bull and Monster.

-- Lil Sparks: A product in an 8oz. sport-top bottle beverage with robot characters to appeal to children. The product is an alternative to products such as Capri Sun and claims to be low on sugar and high on vitamins. The product will be available in four flavors (each named after a robot character).

-- Pumped Fitness Water: This product is an all-natural, lightly sweetened flavored line of fitness beverages. The product will be packaged in a unique proprietary bottle shaped like a dumbbell. This product will be available in five flavors.

"Bucket Head's products are extremely exciting, and we are extremely optimistic and positive with regard to this joint venture," stated Larry Twombly, president and CEO of Hat Trick Beverage.