May 2004 Issue--A new line of jalapeño products is guaranteed to deliver a consistent heat level for products such as salsas, sauces and Southwestern foods. The Garlic Company's “Dial-a-Heat” jalapeño is processed using a proprietary seed line of jalapeño peppers grown without any of the typical intense heat of regular jalapeño peppers. The exact degree of hotness desired by the customer is blended into the jalapeños during processing. This results in a uniform heat level in the product, a vital element in modern food processing. The Garlic Company, 661-393-4212; Tiffany Lane, ext. 114,;

Phil Pirelli, ext.155,;

To the Xtreme

Kerry Americas has announced the “Xtreme Initiative,” a cross-functional team providing the most complete range of functional ingredients in U.S. food industry. The initiative consists of four Kerry divisions banding together as a one-stop supplier to provide an unmatched breadth of value-added functional bar technologies to their customers. The new innovative bar and snack concepts highlight a variety of Kerry's “extreme ingredients for extraordinary bars.” Kerry Ingredients U.S., 608-363-1200

Coloring Caramel

Sethness Caramel Color has introduced SSC300 Liquid Caramel Color, a new Class I Caramel Color that is GMO-free and soluble in high-salt solutions. Manufactured without the use of reactants such as ammonia or sulfites, SSC300 features a very mild flavor profile, and delivers end colors ranging from rich yellows to more reddish golden hues. This liquid caramel color is appropriate for a wide variety of food and beverage applications, especially those with high salt content and/or more stringent labeling and nutritional requirements. Sethness Caramel Color, 888-772-1880,

Low-carb Orange Juice

Overweight consumers…skinny orange juice sales…How to squeeze the two ideas into a happy medium? Low-carbohydrate diets, increasingly popular among Americans, have contributed to consistently declining orange juice sales the past three years. Danisco Flavors responds with a new concept—Orange Juice Alternative for a Low-Carb Diet. Created with Danisco's citrus flavors and ingredients, the product contains one-third less carbohydrates than regular orange juice, and delivers the same nutrients and natural, fresh taste consumers have enjoyed for years. Danisco USA Inc., 800-255-6837,

Coating Flavors

Delivering a flavor load increase by as much as 100%, MichaelCap microencapsulated ingredients are now available through a new partnership between with Balchem[tm] and David Michael, a global flavor and stabilizer manufacturer. Balchem will microencapsulate a broad range of flavors for David Michael. These flavors will have applications within a number of food and beverage categories such as bakery, dairy, tea, coffee, dry mixes, confections, meats and nutraceuticals. The proprietary coating process provides for a longer shelflife (typically 18 to 24 months), improved stability under heat, high moisture, and oxidation. MichaelCap is being offered with multiple coating materials for controlled release and application-tailored flavor delivery systems. MichaelCap technology also offers a benefit of co-encapsulation of multiple ingredients, both flavoring and non-flavoring. David Michael & Co., Erin Kate O'Donnell, 215-632-3100,

Organic Rice Syrup

An organic caramelized rice syrup with a rich, brown color can be used in foods such as confectionery products, baked goods, cookies, soda, soy products and other foods that need a brown color. Food and beverage processors using this product may label it as “organic” on the ingredients statement. D.D. Williamson will display its organic caramelized rice syrup in booth #1434 at the Institute of Food Technologists' Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Las Vegas, July 13-16, 2004. D.D. Williamson, 800-227-2635,

Naturally Enhanced

For applications such as seasoned poultry to soups and snack mixes, Kikkoman International Inc.'s NFE-S heightens and rounds out the flavors of applications. NFE-S provides a clean label solution by offering flavor enhancement without MSG or HVP. High in glutamic acid, NFE-S also gives a balanced, brothy, umami flavor to a variety of applications. Kikkoman—a leader in natural flavor enhancement—delivers product information and application ideas (like Simple Injection Chicken) in its NFE-S brochure, A Natural Start to a Natural Label. To order a free copy, contact Kikkoman International Inc., Industrial Dept., 415-956-7750,

Weighing in with a New Emulsifying Agent

An innovative, patented emulsifier now is available. TIC Gums offers Ticamulsion[tm] A-2010 hydrocolloid gum system. Ticamulsion A-2010 replaces traditional emulsifying gum arabic and modified food starches in both weighted and unweighted beverage emulsions. Although manufactured from the most commonly available grades of gum arabic, it is used at just half the level of other emulsifiers, and has been shown in laboratory tests to produce the most stable emulsions with the lowest median particle size. With GRAS status, Ticamulsion A-2010 now can be used in liquid beverages and liquid dairy emulsions, listed on packages as “Modified Gum Arabic” or “Modified Gum Acacia.” TIC Gums, Frances Bowman, 800-221-3953,,

A Lot to Digest

The results of two new studies show the consumption of Hi-maize (formerly known as NOVELOSE resistant starch) can positively affect fermentation conditions within the large intestine and help maintain healthy colon cells (colonocytes). These studies contribute to the 80 nutritional studies that already have been published on the digestive health benefits of National Starch's natural RS2 resistant starches. National Starch Carbohydrate Nutrition, 800-797-4992,

A Whey for Consumers

Consumer demand for a pure whey protein product sparked the launch of BiPro whey protein isolate. Davisco Foods International Inc. is a leader in whey protein manufacturing, and has sold BiPro as an ingredient to the sports nutrition industry for more than 20 years. BiPro whey protein isolate powder is 100% natural and unflavored, with 0 carbs, no fat or sugar and is lactose-free. BiPro mixes easily into smoothies, pancake batter, muffins and a variety of foods. Davisco Foods International, Polly Olson, 952-914-0400

Where Savory,

Sweet and Coffee Meet

A new product with an innovative flavor profile is available. HACO Ltd. recently has launched Demi-Glace “Classique,” with a rich body, deep color and nice shine—just the perfect base for your own signature sauces. With a long shelflife at ambient storage, high yields and a consistent end result, preparation can be done in just a few minutes. Demi-Glace “Classique” is available nationwide via the Swiss American Imports LLC network. HACO is your partner for tailor-made solutions. HACO Ltd., Toni Bühlmann, 800-444-0676,,,

All Out Auditing

“The NFPA-SAFE program is based on a descriptive audit that reviews the supplier's practices in the areas of quality-related management responsibility, prerequisite programs, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)-based food safety systems, production controls, quality management systems and regulatory considerations,” notes a press release from All American Foods Inc. The company recently completed NFPA-SAFE audits of all four of their manufacturing facilities. The voluntary decision to join the NFPA-SAFE program demonstrates All American Foods' commitment to high-quality ingredients and safe manufacturing practices for its Pro Mix® product line. All American Foods, 800-833-2661,

An Oven-baked Story

Create microwaveable products that look freshly baked. A&B Ingredients has launched TomEssence[tm] Liquid, an all-natural, low-viscosity tomato concentrate that gives a golden brown, “oven-baked” color when sprayed or brushed on microwave pizza crust and other microwaveable, dough-based products. It will not affect the flavor of the original product when used in small amounts. A&B Ingredients, Gil Bakal, 973-227-1390,

Carb-conscious Pizza

Consumers seek flaxseed for its omega-3 content, and now a healthy, flaxseed-based Low-Net Carb pizza crust technology lets manufacturers provide this ingredient in a favorite food. Pizzey's Milling pizza crust uses up to 15% SelectGrad[tm] “Ultra-Fine” whole-milled flaxseed, contributing 1,100mg of healthy omega-3s per serving. Pizzey's Milling, Daniel Best, 847-714-9527,

FDA Reviewing Soy Health Claim

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the process of reviewing a petition for a health claim that suggests the consumption of soy protein-based foods may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, including that of the breast, prostate and colon. In submitting the petition for the claim, The Solae Company noted 58 studies supporting the relationship between the consumption of soy protein-based foods and the reduced risk of developing these types of cancer. Expert researchers from the company's Health & Nutrition and Nutraceuticals team were responsible for spearheading the research results on which the petition is based. The Solae Company, 800-325-7108,

Foodservice-inspired Ideas

Food manufacturers may find a colorful new recipe collection entitled, “Innovation in Action,” designed for foodservice operators by America's Beef Producers, to be helpful in creating inventive new food products. This comprehensive guide is brimming with photos, idea-starters, product tips and information featuring exciting, new beef products. Innovative applications range from appetizers to sandwiches and entrées, with distinctive recipes for all day parts—including breakfast. Beef recipes tap into some of the most popular ethnic cuisines including Latin, Mediterranean and Asian. A sample of ideas includes Beef Cuernavaca, Breakfast Beef del Sol, Shanghai Steak Moo Shu, Steak Medallions Caprese and Samba Beef Salad. To order this free recipe collection, request item #24708 from America's Beef Producers, 800-368-3138,

Get Wild for Low-carbs

Trying to jump aboard the low-carb wagon with better-tasting products? WILD Flavors can address your flavor issues with its expertise and capabilities in formulating low-carb items in numerous applications, including: beverages, bars, snacks, yogurt, candy and others. With turnkey solutions and a fast-to-market approach, WILD can help you "jump right into" the market quickly, with great-tasting products. Your customers will never know the carbs are missing. WILD Flavors, 888-WILD,

Giving Them Their

Just Desserts

Grande Bravo® is a line of 100% pure, natural and highly versatile dairy proteins that offer both taste and cost advantages in ice cream and frozen dessert applications. Grande Bravo improves texture, smoothness and creaminess by imparting a heavy mouthfeel and clean milk-like flavor profile. It can replace up to 25% of the milk solids in an ice cream formulation, has the ability to bind moisture without the use of heat and can extend shelflife by slowing the formation of ice crystals. Also, because it improves product body, and enhances creamy texture and flavor, overrun can be increased so manufacturers realize additional cost savings. Grande Custom Ingredients Group, 800-772-3210,