In recent years, perceptions of soy and soy products have changed dramatically. Studies have demonstrated the consumption of soy protein and fiber helps improve heart health and even reduces the potential for certain cancers. In fact, approximately 75% of Americans view soy foods as healthy foods. What the average consumer does not know is how soy-based ingredients, which contribute both nutritional and functional properties, also have application in a wide variety of foods, beverages and nutritional products.

Solbar Industries (Ashdod, Israel) is a company that focuses on both the issues of health and function. In fact, Solbar's soy isoflavones have been used in a wide range of clinical studies that have helped build the body of knowledge that supports the health benefits of soy products. The company has developed a line of soy proteins for use with meat and meat products. The Solcon S line consists of three products, each of which is derived from identity-preserved soybeans.

One product, Solcon S 200, is a high-viscosity concentrate developed for use with sausage or formulated meat products, that is, meat emulsions or chopped meat products. The product helps improve process control and meat batter viscosity, and enhances the ability to form the products. Using the Solcon product also helps ensure structure and cohesion. When used in frozen products, they reduce shrinkage, improve succulence and enhance flavor stability. The other products in the Solcon S line include Solcon S 100 and Solcon S 300. Both may be used in whole meat muscle brines, in products such as corned beef or pastrami.

Solcon S functional soy protein concentrates shine in applications that require water or fat binding. They have been shown to improve yields and enhance both finished product texture and performance. The chart “Three Ways to Add It In” summarizes how these products may be used. Studies by Solbar staff indicate that sliceability of formulated and whole muscle foods is improved.

Solcon S protein concentrates provide users with a high-quality protein source that is comparable to lean milk, meat and egg proteins, and have the added benefit of being cholesterol-free. With their ability to enhance the formation of emulsions, the Solcon S products allow developers to control fat levels in formulated products and make them more “healthy.” They may also be used in the manufacture of meat-free products, such as burgers, breakfast sausages and patties, sausages and hot dog products and meat-free poultry, pork and beef products.

Anything that improves performance, enhances yields and may benefit consumer health is certainly worth a look!

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