bowl of soupSavoury Systems International (SSI) offers a non-genetically modified organisms (GMOs) line of corn, soy and wheat hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVPs). “Savoury Systems is and has always been whole-heartedly committed to creating safe enhancers for the savory flavors sector,” says Dave Adams, SSI founder and president. SSI offers a wide range of non-GMO HVPs that includes a gluten-free, corn-based formulation.  All SSI HVPs are vegetarian, and several are kosher and/or halal. The non-GMO HVP product line includes: HVP Wheat, Fermented Soy Sauce OD, HVP Corn Roast Type, HVP Soy Dark, YE HVP 60 Blend, Light Corn HVP, HVP Soy Savory, Chicken Type Flavor (HVP) and Beef Type Flavor (HVP).  
-- Savoury Systems International,