A number of clear beverages are poised to benefit from two ingredients that, used in tandem, are now GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

Purified lutein delivered in combination with a sucrose monolaurate emulsifier incorporates patented technology that disperses lutein in clear, water-based beverages while maintaining optical clarity.

Kemin Foods' branded product for this lutein delivery system is FloraGLO‚ Lutein with ClearTec coating. The approved applications for these combined ingredients cover 13 product categories including bottled water, carbonated beverages, ready-to-drink tea and energy, sport and isotonic drinks. Inclusion levels range from 0.5mg to 3mg of lutein per reference amount customarily consumed (RACC) and 2.8mg to 17mg of sucrose monolaurate per RACC. (See table.) Kemin Foods, Craig Maltby, 515-248-4037, cmaltby@keminfoods.com

Transgressing Trans Molecules

The January 2004 issue of Prepared Foods depicted a molecular structure of a trans fatty acid with a carbon incorrectly possessing six rather than four bonds in an article on Covance Laboratories' (Madison, Wis.) trans fatty acid analytical capabilities. The editorial staff at Prepared Foods has corrected its structure, as seen in the illustration above.

The article discussed work by Covance Laboratories scientists who are optimizing trans fat analytical procedures based on gas chromatography (GS). For more information on Covance Laboratories services, please contact Wayne Ellefson, 608-241-7213, wayne.ellefson@covance.com, www.covance.com