A retort-stable, soluble soy protein isolate has been introduced by Protient Inc. The product, a non-GMO water-filtered soy protein isolate, is low in sodium, bland in flavor, and free of the typical beany and bitter notes found elsewhere. Protient 6000 is ideal for retort processing, remaining soluble at high concentrations, with low viscosity for excellent extended shelflife. Formulators now have the flexibility to incorporate unprecedented levels of protein in ready-to-drink applications without off flavors or viscosity problems. Canned samples, formulas, and product development assistance are available.

Protient non-GMO Soy Protein Isolates give formulators the opportunity to eliminate masking agents and to reduce overall flavor costs while delivering truly high-protein soy foods and beverages, including formulations lower in sugars and total carbohydrates, when compared to soymilk-based products. Protient Inc., 651-638-2600, www.Protient.com