Chocolate is no longer forbidden. In fact, for many people it is now considered a health food! Not surprisingly, consumption is growing fast. Add to this fact that cocoa production is anticipated to drop this year, creating another market shortage, and no doubt prices will rise.  This will put a squeeze on many companies’ ingredient costs and send some to find alternatives to adding cocoa powder in the formulation of new products.

David Michael & Co. has built its reputation as a company that is quick to respond to market situations, providing its clients tangible solutions to industry challenges. When faced with a cocoa shortage in 2002, David Michael launched Cocoa-Mate®, a line of customized cocoa extenders that take into consideration both the type of cocoa and total percentage of cocoa used in a finished product. The extenders are especially helpful in times of shortage, as they replace up to 30% of the cocoa powder used in a finished food product.

According to Marie Cummings, manager of food applications and product development for David Michael & Co., “We have conducted application trials with Cocoa-Mate and found—at the recommended usage rates—that cookies, brownies or other signature chocolate items made with Cocoa-Mate taste just like those made with pure cocoa powder.”

The extender may be customized for various types of applications, including ice cream, yogurt, beverages, puddings, toppings and baked goods such as cookies and brownies. Cocoa-Mate is available as either a natural and artificial or an artificial flavor, in either liquid or powder form; it essentially can be used in any application that calls for cocoa powder.

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