It seems odd that whenever one purchases a great cup of organic coffee, often the only creamer options available are powdered or non-natural. It seems pointless to ruin a great cup of organic coffee by dumping in non-organic (and often non-natural) creamers.

The lack of organic creamer options available at restaurants and cafés seems even stranger when considering the market demand for organic dairy beverages and products. In fact, according to Sundale Research (, in their recent report entitled, “State of the Industry: Organic Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 2007,” organic dairy products have overtaken regular organic beverages and are now the second largest organic industry segment.

One company that is working on changing this is Diehl Food Ingredients. It recently released Jerzee® Organic creaming agents made from organically sourced ingredients such as organic skim milk solids and organic oils. According to Dennis Reid, vice president of marketing and technology, “We are the first to market with a certified organic powdered creamer and also recently a certified organic powdered vegetable fat called Centennial® Organic. Both are unique dairy protein-based systems using specially processed organic skim milk solids that deliver the necessary functionality and stability for a high-fat, creamer-type system. They are also both trans fat- and cholesterol-free.”

The Jerzee system of organic creaming agents imparts creaminess, mouthfeel and milky characteristics to dry-based formulations, while maintaining the organic label. According to Reid, they also can be used as organic alternatives to conventional powdered coffee whiteners. As full ingredient systems, they are intended for use in formulating organic dry hot beverages, soups, sauces, dressings, bakery mixes, coffee whiteners, nutritional powders and meal replacement products. Diehl Organics hopes that manufacturers will now expand their organic product line offerings (as these ingredients have not been available to them in the past) and introduce such products as dry coffee creamers, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and chai-tea beverages.

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