July 31, 2007/Business Wire/Miami -- Burger King Corp. announced a license agreement with Phoenix-based snack food manufacturer The Inventure Group to develop a line of branded BURGER KING snacks.

Two snack chip flavors will be introduced: Ketchup & Fries,one of America's favorite taste combinations, and another yet-to-be-named savory, that captures the legendary flame-broiled flavor of the BURGER KING brand. The snacks will launch in vending machines, on airlines and in convenience, drug and grocery stores beginning November 2007.

"The entry of our brand into the snack food business through licensing is another initiative in a long line of innovative ways we're expanding our brand reach," said Russ Klein, president, global marketing, strategy and innovation, Burger King Corp. "Our vision is to secure a brand presence in more than 100,000 outlets through these new distribution channels, far beyond our 11,200 restaurants."

The Inventure Group will offer the chips in several sizes and price points: single serving sizes of 1.0 ounce and 1.75 ounces will be featured in vending machines and on airlines; 2.5- or 3.0- ounce sizes will be available in convenience stores and 5.5-ounce bags will be sold in grocery stores. A second roll-out of the products to price clubs and additional grocery outlets in spring 2008 will feature 20- and 25-ounce bags and variety packs.

Burger King Corp. will also test market a 100-calorie bag in BURGER KING restaurants. "The 100-calorie bag will serve as a HAVE IT YOUR WAY option that goes particularly well with existing menu offerings like the TENDERGRILL Chicken Sandwich," Klein explained, "as well as with products under development, like BK HOLD'EMS wraps."

Klein added, "The snacks are trans fat-free, and the 100-calorie bag may provide our guests with portion control options as part of their overall eating strategies."

After the initial rollout of the chips in the U.S., The Inventure Group and Burger King Corp. plan to expand globally.

From the August 13, 2007, Prepared Foods e-Flash