There is a shortage in the market for dehydrated onion and garlic that has produced a significant rise in pricing for both. There are also concerns regarding availability, especially in onion, for low and extra low bacteria count material. Price increases for these categories are projected to rise over the next two to five years, at minimum.

 According to Gary Hainrihar, vice president of sales and marketing for Kalsec®, the shortage in garlic and onion is being driven by an increased demand for fresh garlic in China and fewer acres being planted worldwide. Alleviating the shortage in garlic is a long-term project, because cloves must be carried over from one crop to the next to support expanded plantings.

A lower-cost alternative exists, says Hainrihar. Garlic and onion extracts from Kalsec can replace dehydrated garlic and onion powders and granules without effecting flavor profile. To help companies reformulate, Kalsec offers the services of a team comprised of product development and sensory specialists.

Kalsec onion and garlic extracts can be labeled “Natural Flavor” and are 100% natural. They do not need re-hydration to express their full flavor and are more consistent in flavor profile and strength than dehydrated products. Plus, they have a naturally low total plate count. Aquaresins® of garlic and onion are compatible with a variety of food formulations and are water dispersible without the use of polysorbates.

As world-wide garlic and onion consumption continues to grow, the demand for more economical sources and new technologies is increasing. Kalsec’s onion and garlic extracts are one way to utilize these high demand flavors while supplying food manufacturers with an economic alternative to dehydrated products.

Since garlic consumption has been increasing in the U.S., and it is considered one of the “World’s Healthiest Foods” by the George Mateljan Foundation, its use in flavors is here to stay. Garlic extracts may be one option in retaining flavor and functionality while also retaining your pocketbook.

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