Market drivers such as consumer demand for foods low in fat, sugar and salt have food developers seeking the latest aids in flavoring technology.

A new report entitled “Ingredients Affecting Health and Wellness: Innovations and Trends to Watch in 2007” from Packaged Facts confirms, “The buzz is on as omega-3 fatty acids, exotic pseudograins, antioxidants and other high-profile wellness ingredients continue to flood grocery shelves. Functional foods infused with the most advanced innovations in supplemental nutrients or the latest in flavor technologies are gaining momentum and meeting the health and wellness demands of consumers.”

Enter Wild Flavors to the scene with their taste modification technologies. According to Marion Dalacker, director of market strategies for WILD Flavors Inc., “Trends such as natural labeling, reduced salt, sugar and/or fat and more functional products are driving the need for such solutions. Our products address various aspects of these trends through their unique designs.” Specifically, she is referring to Resolver®, an ingredient designed to mask off-flavors associated with ingredients such as vitamins, soy, artificial sweeteners and glycerin; SaltTrim™, an ingredient that, when used in conjunction with potassium chloride, will block the bitter or metallic notes connected with potassium chloride while adding salt-like flavor and mouthfeel; SavorCrave™, which is designed to deliver the taste enhancement and mouth-watering characteristics of umami in savory foods, while also having natural flavoring labeling and clean taste benefits; and LightShield®, designed to improve taste over a longer shelflife for use in dairy products whose taste is affected by exposure to light.

Wild’s unique SaltTrim proprietary technology is able to simultaneously block the negative tastes of potassium chloride and to complete the eating experience by adding back much of the taste and texture characteristic of salt. Wild’s SavorCrave works by bringing back the fifth basic taste sensation, umami, which is known to intensify flavors. Wild’s LightShield technology is a blend of ingredients that minimizes light-activated reactions, thereby reducing the development of light-activated flavors (LAF) in milk-based products. Generally, LAFs are due to product exposure to ultraviolet and fluorescent lights in grocery display cases. With the use of LightShield, there is a greater variety of packaging options available. Wild’s Resolver is particularly useful in the nutraceutical business, because it is focused on applications involving vitamins, soy, bitterness and acidity. The Resolver technology works by blocking the taste receptor’s ability to taste bitterness and astringency, resulting in fewer off-flavors that often accompany nutraceuticals.

As the Packaged Facts report predicts, “In 2007, a big change will be consumers’ heightened interest in ethical consumerism—sustainable, organic, local and natural foods. Labeling issues will be key in 2007, from organic seafood to fair trade.” Wild seems to be riding on top of this trend by bringing flavor technology that caters to today’s palates, while also assuring clean labels.

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