According to the new report by Packaged Facts called “Market Trend: Low, Reduced and No Sodium or Salt Foods and Beverages in the U.S,” “less sodium” is classified with the functional foods trend and continues to maintain a growing demand in the market. Also, even though supermarkets remain the largest outlet for sales of low-sodium foods, health food stores represent a significant opportunity, because their shoppers are constantly seeking out better-for-you foods, such as low-sodium content foods. However, “Salt is one of the hardest ingredients to replicate in foods, because of its functionality and its remarkably unique flavor-enhancing qualities, where it rounds out other flavors in foods. Thus, the main challenge for manufacturers attempting to reduce, lower or eliminate salt from product formulations is the loss of palatability,” according to the report. Yeast extracts may prove to be at least a partial solution to this challenge.

Biorigin has developed its Bionis® and Biotaste lines in response to the demand for enhancing the flavor of food formulations, especially those with reduced-salt content. Bionis is Biorigin’s yeast extract line that is produced from a specially selected strain ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae.

The Bionis line includes yeast extracts of varying levels and ratios of nucleotides. They have been processed in such a way as to be able to provide nuances, such as dark-roasted and savory flavor notes, as well as an enhanced umami taste. Biotaste is a new line of yeast extracts developed through a unique production process that enhances and strengthens the roasted taste of beef and chicken in food applications. Specifically, the Biotaste line provides a umami note and enhances flavor in savory applications. Biotaste is a natural ingredient and, due to the production process, the line contains a lightly roasted beef and chicken taste profile that is able to enhance and lend a unique flavor to a wide variety of applications. The recommended usage rate is 0.1-1% in the final food product. 

Biorigin has performed numerous application studies of how Bionis and Biotaste can enhance food formulations. For example, sausages and ham that had a 25% salt reduction and associated addition of 1% Biotaste P were preferred in terms of flavor, and the salty flavor perception in these products was found to be not statistically different from the standard samples. Potato chips with a 50% salt reduction and 2% Bionis YE 10, 2% Bionis YE GMX18 and 2% Biotaste BE were also preferred in flavor, with no statistical difference in salty flavor. Cream cheese, also with a 25% reduction in salt and the addition of 2% Bionis YE 10 and 2% Bionis YE GMX18, did not have any statistically different perception of salty flavor. Renata Azevedo Calonego, Strategic Marketing Department of Biorigin, concluded, “We can help our clients to continue to offer tasty products, yet at the same time, ensure the well-being of the consumers through the innovative use of our Bionis and Biotaste lines.” pf

--Kerry Hughes, Technical Field Editor 

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