On the Street - Promoting Good Health in Mexico

Mexican health officials believe that Mexico could overtake the U.S. as the most obese nation in the world. Tate & Lyle, maker of PROMITOR™ Dietary Fiber, has found in new market research that 65% of Mexicans report having a greater interest in healthy eating, and 71% say it is important to add dietary fiber to their diets. The growing emphasis on healthy eating allows food and beverage companies to support Mexico’s new health campaign, Vamos por un Million de Kilos (Let’s Lose a Million Kilos). Tate & Lyle’s market research provides companies with insights for communicating with their consumers and effectively discussing the health and wellness benefits when using PROMITOR Dietary Fiber across seven product categories for weight management, immunity defense and healthy digestion—all top health concerns for the Mexican population. Tate & Lyle, 217-421-2397, www.promitorfiber.com

From the March 16, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition