Formulating Reduced-cholesterol Cheese Spreads

August 12/Agriculture Week -- "This study examines the property changes of cholesterol-reduced processed cheese spread made by crosslinked beta-cyclodextrin. Its composition was similar to that of the control and 91.5% of the cholesterol was removed," scientists in Seoul, South Korea, report.

"Total free amino acids content, gumminess and brittleness scores were significantly higher in cholesterol-reduced cheese spread over all storage periods than those in the control. Yellowness, bitterness and elasticity scores were significantly higher, whereas processed flavor and slimy texture were significantly lower in cholesterol-reduced cheese spread," wrote S.Y. Kim and colleagues, Sejong University.

The researchers concluded, "This study indicates that although some differences were observed, most of the properties were comparable with the control processed cheese spread."

Kim and colleagues published their study in International Journal of Dairy Technology ("Chemical and Sensory Properties of Cholesterol-reduced Processed Cheese Spread." International Journal of Dairy Technology, 2009;62(3):348-353).

For additional information, contact H.S. Kwak, Sejong University, Dept. of Food Science & Technology, 98 Kunja Dong, Seoul 143747, South Korea.

From the August 17, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition