Inulin as a Fat Replacer in Yogurt
June 24/Agriculture Week--  According to recent research from Olsztyn, Poland, "In this study, yogurts produced from full-fat milk (3.2%) and from low-fat milk (0.5%), with 0.7% and 2.7% added inulin, were compared. Inulin addition did not influence bacterial counts and acidity."

"Yogurt from full-fat milk showed the highest values of apparent viscosity, followed by yogurt with 2.7% of inulin. The sensory properties of the yogurts differed mainly in terms of texture and taste. The highest scores were gained by yogurt from full-fat milk, but yogurt with 2.7% of inulin received only slightly lower scores," wrote M. Modzelewskakapitula and colleagues.

The researchers concluded, "The results indicate that inulin has potential as a fat replacer in yogurt."

Modzelewskakapitula and colleagues published their study in International Journal of Dairy Technology ("Investigation of the Potential for Using Inulin HPX as a Fat Replacer in Yogurt Production." International Journal of Dairy Technology, 2009;62(2):209-214).

For additional information, contact M. Modzelewskakapitula, University of Warmia & Mazury Olsztyn, Faculty Food Science, Pl Cieszynski 1, PL-10718 Olsztyn, Poland.

From the July 6, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition