In the U.S., niche beverage manufacturer Newport Quinoa Company introduced a range of quinoa ingredient-based drinks within the fruit/flavored still drinks sub-category. Under the Quinoa Gold brand, these beverages are most unique for their rich quinoa content. As explained on Newport’s website, Incas of the Andes Mountains in Peru and Bolivia regarded quinoa as the “mother of all grains” thousands of years ago. Only within the past few decades has quinoa reappeared in North America.

Quinoa is the seed of a leafy plant that is naturally rich in protein, amino acids, fiber and iron. Deemed the “supergrain,” quinoa contains more protein than other grains. The makers of Quinoa Gold proudly tout the brand’s stance as one of (if not the first) beverages to copyright and patent a quinoa beverage. Quinoa Gold’s lengthy ingredient list houses nine amino acids, fiber, protein, manganese, iron, niacin, zinc, and other various vitamins and minerals, and its gluten-free formula may appeal to food allergy sufferers. Along with its Dark Berry flavor, Quinoa Gold is also available in two other variants of Mango Passion and Piña Colada.

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