Consumer health and nutrition awareness has led to an increase in products designed for specific lifestyle needs and disease states. New nutraceutical products promise health benefits once only conceivable through traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals. The functional beverage category has been particularly innovative in launching nutraceutical products.

In the U.S., HydroOne introduced its Rev beverage line that contains four variants targeting defined disease states and parts of the body. D Diabetic Nutritional Beverage is safe for diabetics and contains Cinnulin PF, a highly purified form of cinnamon extract for managing symptoms associated with diabetes. This line also features A Arthritis Nutritional Beverage, O Osteoarthritis Nutritional Beverage and K Kidney Health Beverage varietals. These beverages are all-natural, vitamin-enriched, sweetened with xylitol and free from calories, carbohydrates, sodium and caffeine.

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