One ongoing challenge for parents is convincing children to eat vegetables. The Nurture firm offers a solution to this age-old problem. Its Happy Bites Secret Sauce Kit contains four organic vegetable dips marketed to children in a secret agent-themed pack. The sauce mix helps ensure that children reach their daily recommended serving of vegetables.

Happy Bites Secret Sauce Kit capitalizes on the hidden veggies concept--one current trend observed among several global meal- and sauce-based products. The brand’s four flavorful varieties include tomato, chickpea, cheese and green veggie, and each sauce provides one daily serving of vegetables. The dips are made with 11 different types of vegetables that creatively link to a different color and animal spy character: red to Monkey, white to Bear, orange to Cheetah and green to Roo. Through its partnership with Project Peanut Butter, every purchase of the kit helps feed a malnourished child in Malawi.

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