On the Street -- DNA Names Midwest VP

April 8/Health Business Week -- DNA Beverage Corporation announced the hiring of Jeff Martin as regional vice president -- Midwest Division. He joins DNA Energy Drink after having built brands for over 27 years.

From his start in Michigan with Dannon Yogurt, Martin has been instrumental in launching and helping develop brands like Clearly Canadian, Spalding Sport Refresher and Kwencher. He was highly instrumental in the early stages of Xyience Energy Drinks success. His Division with the efforts of his team ranked number one in sales for the entire length of his career at Xyience Incorporated.

Darren Marks, president of DNA said, "Jeff has extensive experience in securing and managing personnel, as well as managing a distributor network on a national basis. In addition to working with distributors, he has developed a genuine rapport with retail chains throughout the country, and it is for these reasons we have charged him with the responsibility of bringing DNA Energy Drink to the Midwest, beginning with Ohio, Michigan and Indiana."

"I have joined DNA  because I believe in  the quality of the product and the strategic marketing programs necessary to move DNA Energy Drinks to a new level of growth within our industry," said Martin. "I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to be working with the personnel at DNA due to their knowledge, experience, financial expertise and dedication to building their brand. I am confident that DNA Energy Drink will succeed past all expectations," he added.

From the April 13, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition