OSDF's Beneficial Properties

November 4/Food & Farm Week -- According to recent research published in the Journal of Food Science, "To evaluate the effects of processes on physicochemical properties of oat bran soluble dietary fiber (OSDF), the oat bran was processed by steam heating, superfine grinding, and extrusion, and extracted to obtain OSDF. The molecular weight distribution, monosaccharide composition, transparency, solubility, structure and thermal and morphological properties of OSDF were investigated."

"The yield of OSDF increased after the processing compared to the untreated. The proportion of high molecular weight granules was higher in OSDF from extruded oat bran. The backbone of the OSDF was not changed, but the proportion of the residue linkages in OSDF was varied after the processing. Solubility and swelling power showed significant positive correlation with molecular weight distribution while transparency showed significant negative correlation with molecular weight distribution. Three processes had great impact on the physicochemical properties of OSDF," wrote M. Zhang and colleagues, Tianjin University.

The researchers concluded, "The OSDF from superfine ground oat bran showed some physical-chemical properties that might be of potential use in the food industry."

Zhang and colleagues published their study in the Journal of Food Science ("Effect of Process on Physicochemical Properties of Oat Bran Soluble Dietary Fiber." Journal of Food Science, 2009;74(8):C628-C636).

For additional information, contact M. Zhang, Tianjin University Science & Technology, Minist Education, Key Laboratory Food Nutrition & Safety, Tianjin 300457, People's Republic of China.

From the November 9, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition