On the Street -- Danisco Expands Production of Cellulose Gums

After expanding capacity by 1,500 tons, Danisco introduces a full range of GRINDSTED® cellulose gum (highly-purified CMC) for the food, oral care and pharmaceutical industries, targeting a market of more than $300 million. GRINDSTED Cellulose gum has been specifically developed and is quality tested, according to the functionality by application. With this new range, manufacturers are being offered a competitive alternative specifically developed to suit the functional properties required in various applications and to ensure a cost-optimized, consistent performance. The gums are divided into three different categories, by end-usage: food applications (including a full range of products for acidified milk drinks, bakery, beverages, and meat and savory): oral care applications; and pharmaceutical applications. The range fulfills the international food and pharmaceutical specifications as laid down by WHO/FAO, FCC, USP/NF and the EU. Danisco USA Inc., 800-255-6837, www.danisco.com

From the September 14, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition