Consumers Want Nutrition Information Over Calorie Count

September 9/Health & Beauty Close-Up -- When dining out, 65% of Americans prefer to see nutritional information on a restaurant menu over calories alone, according to a survey from Guiding Stars.

As several cities around the country adapt to menu-labeling mandates that require restaurants to post calorie-counts on their menu, it is yet to be determined if it will have the desired impact on consumer behavior and therefore overall public health.

In fact, according to a new Guiding Stars survey, 65% of Americans prefer to see nutritional information through either the Nutrition Facts Panel (38%) or a good-better-best rating system (27%) over just calorie count (17%).

Aaccording to the survey, over one-quarter of Americans (28%) found the Nutrition Facts Panel exhausting to read, suggesting that many diners are seeking a more simplified tool to help them easily identify the meals that offer the most nutrition for the calories.

From the September 14, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition