Milk, Starch and Inulin on Texture

December 3/Science Letter -- "Interactions between ingredients have a wide application in the food industry. The objective of this work was to investigate the combined effect of milk, starch and inulin on textural properties (firmness, gumminess, cohesiveness and adhesiveness), syneresis and sensory characteristics of pudding (by free-choice profile (FCP) and acceptability test), applying the experimental design for mixtures," scientists in Londrina, Brazil, report.

"Milk and starch were significant for all the studied texture parameters. Milk, inulin and the interaction of the inulin with starch were significant for syneresis. It was possible to formulate pudding with the maximum inulin concentration (3.9%) with good textural characteristics. The judges were capable of distinguishing attribute differences and similarities, mainly in relation to texture, by applying the FCP. In the acceptance test, the judges concluded that there are no differences (p < 0.05) among the tested formulations. The different proportions among ingredients in the system can affect the characteristics of the final product," wrote L.P. Lobato and colleagues.

The researchers concluded, "Inulin inclusion in pudding, as a functional ingredient, was successful."

Lobato and colleagues published their study in Food Science and Technology International ("Inulin Addition in Starch-based Dairy Desserts: Instrumental Texture and Sensory Aspects." Food Science and Technology International, 2009;15(4):317-323).

For more information, contact M.V.E. Grossmann, University of Estadual Londrina, Dept. of Ciencia & Tecnol Alimentos, CP 6001, BR-86051970 Londrina, PR, Brazil.

From the December 7, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition