With more product development in probiotic yogurts and dairy drinks in recent years, consumers are increasingly aware of probiotics, digestive health and immunity benefits. The GoodBelly brand is a line of probiotic-rich products with a formulation that is notable for what it does not include, dairy. Probiotic food and drinks have been unequivocally tied to yogurt and dairy drinks, so it is interesting to see a brand create products that are dairy-free, soy-free, wheat-free and completely vegan. GoodBelly has launched a new line extension, the BigShot 50 Lemon Ginger Flavor Probiotic Drink. The BigShot 50 contains cultured oats and claims to contain 50 billion live and active cultures per each 798ml shot drink. The lemon-ginger flavor further supports digestive health, as ginger is an ingredient known for its functional digestive benefits and adds a healthy halo to the product.

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