An Obesity-fighting Egg

May 24/Chandigarh, India/The Pioneer -- The bio-medical research findings related to Metabolic Syndrome-X of Panjab University, which was included in world's top 50 publications recently, has resulted in development of an egg which is effective in preventing obesity. This raises hope in fighting against obesity, especially in children.

Prof. SK Taneja said, "Based upon these studies, we have developed and designed an egg which is effective in preventing these disorders in experimental animal models and for which we have filed a patent in the regional patent office of New Delhi."

"These eggs prevent the absorption of zinc from the elementary tract and thus help in reducing the severity of certain obesity-related diseases. In 2003 also, we had marketed low-cholesterol rich eggs in the market, but due to lack of awareness in public, poultry farmers did not benefit and stopped producing them," he added.

Sharing if the research had specifically concentrated on a subject of public importance, Taneja said it is basically part of his research for the last 25 years on the "role of Micro-Nutrients in Nutrition Metabolism and Endocrinology."

"So far, the physicians had been stressing that it is the high-sucrose and -fat diet, lack of exercise and lazy lifestyle which is the main cause of this syndrome. In fact, these diseases are starting at a very young age. Obesity in children is now prevalent, which was a rare occurrence about a decade ago," Taneja explained.

"There is a need to exactly pin-point what is the cause and how it can be prevented. Our study on experimental models has clearly demonstrated that it is not only the sucrose and fat in the diet but also an excess of zinc is responsible in promoting this cluster of diseases," he added.

From the June 7, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition