As marketers of conventional foods, functional foods and dietary supplements pore over data looking for new product opportunities that answer consumer needs, products that address health issues, often specific health conditions, come to the forefront.

For several years now,
NutraSolutions, part of thePrepared Foods’ family of branded products, has offered an “Ingredients for Health Reference” that segments commercially available ingredients into various health conditions. Additionally, readers are offered updates and data on relevant research. The segments are as follows.

* Antioxidants for Health
* Bone & Joint Health
* Cardiovascular Health
* Cognitive Health
* Diabetic Benefits
* Digestive Health
* Energy and/or Sports Performance
* Immunity
* Weight control  and
* General health.

Antioxidants for Health
Compounds that function as antioxidants has been one of the most studied food and ingredient categories, as they relate to health. On one end, the benefits of consuming fruits, vegetables and grains, with their complex antioxidants systems, are so well-established that public health programs the world over promote their consumption. It is well-understood that oxidative stress has potential negatives for many organs, such as the skin, and the result is an emerging interest in oral beauty products, to heart and brain health. In the U.S., according to the FDA’s “XII. Appendix D: Qualified Health Claims,” the agency allows for cautious claims linking dietary supplements containing the antioxidant vitamins E and/or C and cancer. One suggested model claim is, “Some scientific evidence suggests that consumption of antioxidant vitamins may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer. However, FDA has determined that this evidence is limited and not conclusive.”

Continued interest remains high. As of November 2009, one U.S. National Institute of Health website ( listed 386 open studies intending to investigate some aspect or activity of antioxidant compounds and health. Examples include one that intends to evaluate “High Total Antioxidant Capacity Products,” specifically an elixir of pomegranate, apple and açai, and their anti-age properties; it will focus on their impact on photo-induced skin damage in healthy individuals. Another will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of high dosages of coenzyme Q10 in slowing early Parkinson’s disease. Yet another is looking at the dietary supplement R-alpha lipoic acid, to see if it can help reduce risk of factors in atherosclerotic vascular disease, such as increased body weight and high blood cholesterol levels in overweight or obese participants.

Cranberry’s Many Benefits
The cranberry’s whole-body benefits are derived from the fruit’s dual antioxidant and anti-adhesion mechanism. Unique A-linked compounds called proanthocyanidins (PACs) prevent bacteria from adhering to cell walls, removing the potential to cause infection, while the high antioxidant content helps fight free radicals that can damage cells throughout the body. With a rich combination of other nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin C and quercetin, the cranberry offers truly multi-dimensional health benefits. Ocean Spray, Marion Burton,,

Beauty from Within
Recent scientific research reveals FloraGLO® Lutein can help consumers maintain their youthful appearance by using effective “beauty from within” skin health solutions. Lutein is a carotenoid that protects the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight. It also offers skin protection from harmful oxidative stress, which includes natural aging, the pressures of everyday living, smoking, air pollution and an unbalanced diet. In addition, a recent clinical study shows oral supplementation with FloraGLO Lutein significantly increases skin hydration and elasticity. The lutein is available in multiple forms for various applications and provides manufacturers the opportunity to partner with DSM Nutritional Products, a global leader in the ”beauty from within” market. DSM Nutritional Products Inc., 800-526-0189,

Beta Carotene as an Antioxidant
Farbest offers beta carotene users formulation flexibility, with a complete range of beta carotene powders and oil suspensions. Food and beverage manufacturers can select from a portfolio of products that range in color from yellow to orange. In addition to its use as a coloring agent in foods and beverages, beta carotene is a precursor of vitamin A and functions as an antioxidant, quenching free radicals that damage cell membranes and DNA. Farbest Brands, Mark Nagelhout, 201-573-4900,,

Bone and Joint Health
Under the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21, section 101.72, the FDA allows for health claims linking calcium, as well as vitamin D, and osteoporosis. The claim falls under the category, “Meeting Significant Scientific Agreement (SSA).” One suggested model claim for most conventional foods is, “Regular exercise and a healthy diet with enough calcium helps teen and young adult white and Asian women maintain good bone health and may reduce their high risk of osteoporosis later in life.”

With aging, not only is bone health an increasing issue, but so is inflammation in the form of the most common degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis. The June 22, 2009, issue ofPrepared FoodsE-ditionreports one study indicated, for the first time in humans, that some benefits of omega fatty acids consumption are due to their ability to significantly impact how genes function. The research explored how lowering the omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio in the diet influenced expression of inflammatory pathway genes and concluded the data showed polyunsaturated fatty acids “...may exert their clinical effects via their capacity to regulate the expression of signal transduction genes and genes for pro-inflammatory cytokines.” (Weaver, KL, et al. 2009. Effect of dietary fatty acids on inflammatory gene expression in healthy humans.J Biol Chem. 284:15400-15407.) For a summary, type in “Omegas in the Diet” in the search field at

Significant Calcium Fortification
Health concerns for aging Baby Boomers, the nation’s youth and everyone in between are increasing the demand for healthier foods. Lowering sodium intake and increasing calcium for strong bones are two of the things consumers are focusing on, and Innophos has the right ingredients. CAL-RISE® is a no-sodium leavening for healthy baking that also delivers a significant source of calcium fortification. CAL-RISE replaces standard sodium-based leavening acid and helps to meet the USDA’s sodium reduction changes, designed to reduce the risks of hypertension and coronary heart disease. Innophos Inc., John Brodie, 690-366-1235,,

Enhanced GSM Powder Stability
Waitaki Biosciences has launched PernaTec™stabilized Greenshell Mussel Powder (GSM), using a unique natural antioxidant complex. Well-regarded for its anti-inflammatory activity, standard grades of GSM are prone to oxidation of key fatty acids when exposed to heat, oxygen and light. Waitaki Biosciences has developed a proprietary antioxidant blend and processing technology that significantly enhances the oxidative stability of its GSM. During trials at independent facilities, Pernatec stabilized GSM powder demonstrated 42% improved stability, when exposed to high-pressure oxygen at a temperature of 80°C for 16 hours. Waitaki Biosciences, Sue Finderup, + 64 3 337 4853,,

Calcium Without a Taste
Consumers know calcium is important for bone and teeth health. Cal-Sistent™ micronized Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP), from ICL Performance Products, helps manufacturers provide calcium fortification, without altering the well-established tastes or mouthfeel of consumers’ favorite foods and beverages. With at least 95% of its particles sized less than 20 microns, Cal-Sistent is non-detectable in the human mouth. Cal-Sistent delivers a calcium content of 38% and calcium to phosphorus ratios equivalent to those in human bones. Calcium and phosphorus work synergistically to help prevent osteoporosis. ICL Performance Products LP, Nadeen Myers, 314-918-4914,,

Boosting Bone Health in Beverages
Solbar Industries Ltd. has announced a new, ready-to-use, stabilized, calcium-fortified soy protein isolate for pH-neutral beverages. Solpro 958QS was developed in cooperation with PURAC in The Netherlands. Solpro 958QS combines synergistic properties of non-GMO soy protein isolates, calcium source and natural stabilizers for a single-pack solution. This unique formulation solves all of the typical issues faced by ready-to-drink manufacturers, eliminating precipitation, chalkiness or gritty mouthfeel, protein coagulation and non-homogenous calcium distribution. The product contains levels of calcium similar to that of milk. Solbar Industries Ltd., Gary Brenner, +97288632111,,

Cardiovascular Health
A report titled “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics--2009 Update,” from the American Heart Association Statistics Committee and Stroke Statistics Subcommittee, carried some good news. During the years 1995-2005, death rates from cardiovascular disease (CVD) declined 26.4%. The report went on to note, however, that preliminary mortality data for 2006 show CVD accounted for 34.2% of deaths in 2006, or 1 of every 2.9 deaths in the U.S. A multitude of lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors impact CVD risk, with foods and ingredient consumption playing a major role.

Much support exists for the benefits of omega-3s in regards to both types and optimal consumption levels. The September 14, 2009, issue ofPrepared FoodsE-ditionreports French researchers working with 12 healthy men between the ages of 53-65 for two weeks found that a 200mg dose of DHA per day beneficially impacted biochemical markers that reliably predict cardiovascular problems. (Guillot N, et al. 2009. Increasing intakes of the long-chain omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid: effects on platelet functions and redox status in healthy men. FASEB J. 23:2909-16.) Although the journal’s editor-in-chief noted he would stick with eating fish until more information came in, the study itself simply concluded that “...low consumption of DHA could be an effective and non-pharmacological way to protect healthy men from platelet-related cardiovascular events.” Type “How Much Omega-3 CVD Protection?” into the search field for the news item.

In the June 22, 2009, issue ofE-dition, it was reported that Australian researchers looking at the diets of 800 Chinese found those who regularly consumed two or more cups of green tea a day reduced their risk of suffering a stroke by about 60%. (Liang, W. et al. 2009. Tea consumption and ischemic stroke risk: a case-control study in southern China.Stroke. 40:2480-5.) Type in “Green Tea and Stroke Risk” at for a very brief summary.

A previous study by one of the researchers involved 130 prostate cancer patients and 274 hospital controls. It found taking tea and lycopene together had a synergestic, beneficial effect in prostate health. (Jian L., et al. 2007. Tea and lycopene protect against prostate cancer.Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 16 Suppl 1:453-7.)

Almonds for Healthy Hearts
California almonds deliver a dose of monounsaturated fats, the good kind found in avocados and olive oil. Studies suggest that an ounce a day can help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute reports that almonds have other important nutritional attributes that have been linked to heart health, such as dietary fiber (3.5g), copper (0.3mg) and magnesium (76mg). “Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5oz per day of most nuts, such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.” Almond Board of California, Harbinder Maan, 209-343-3214,,

Chia is a Rich Source of Omega-3
Benexia™ Omega-3 Chia is an organic, gluten-free and ancient whole grain, and one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Seeds typically contain 20% protein, 34% oil and 25% dietary fiber. The health benefits include cardiovascular, brain and immune system support, as well as support of a healthy inflammatory response. Benexia chia is the only ISO-certified source for highest purity and quality, reports the supplier. It is available in bulk seed, sprouted seed, milled seed, flour and oil. It is ideal for drink mixes and bars and incorporates easily into other foods. Proprietary Nutritionals Inc., Dean Mosca, 519-647-2071,,

Omega-3s for Wide Range of Products
Health professionals and nutritionists agree omega-3 EPA/DHA is essential to good health and well-being, at all stages of life. Even though this is well-known, there is still a nutritional deficiency of omega-3 in the Western diet. Ocean Nutrition’s MEG-3® ingredient enables food and beverage manufacturers to incorporate this important nutrient into food products with no impact on the taste, smell or texture of the product.  The MEG-3 ingredient has been included in over 30 food and beverage applications around the world, including baked goods, milk, yogurt, bars, juice and more. Ocean Nutrition Canada, Jon Getzinger, 636-219-7770,,

What a Tomato
Over 50 million Americans are faced with high blood pressure, and this is just one reason why men and women alike are making sure to eat a heart-healthy diet. But, what foods are good for cardiovascular health? Clinical research has shown that greater intake of antioxidant-rich tomatoes is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. All the heart-healthy benefits of tomato are packed into Lyc-O-Mato® natural tomato lycopene complex from LycoRed Ltd., Israel. Lyc-O-Mato is available for soft gel capsules and as a food and beverage fortification ingredient. LycoRed Ltd., Udi Alroy, +972-8942-0930,,

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Has Many Benefits
Promoted and popular primarily for cardiovascular benefits and protection against heart disease by regulating cholesterol levels, extra virgin olive oil is a superior product for health formulas. Rich in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat, and antioxidants like phenols, carotenoids and vitamin E, extra virgin olive oil, as well as the organic extra virgin olive oil that Arista offers, also has diabetic benefits and helps with weight management, immunity enhancement, digestive health, reducing cancer risk and general health. Extra virgin olive oil has applications in cooking and frying and is included in sauces and salad dressings. Arista Industries Inc., Mary Ann Siciliano, 203-761-1009, ext. 316,,

A Healthier Shortening Solution
Consumers today are aware of good and bad fats, and they are looking for healthier choices. But, many food manufacturers are still searching for a healthier shortening solution for bakery items and packaged goods. Omega-9 Canola Oil shortening provides a healthier alternative, without compromising functionality, sensory characteristics or value. Developed by Dow AgroSciences, Omega-9 Canola Oil shortening offers zero trans fat, low saturated fat and high monounsaturated fat. Additionally, with no antioxidants or partial hydrogenation, Omega-9 Canola Oil shortening also allows for a cleaner ingredient label and an improved health profile. Dow AgroSciences, Erin Hull, 317-337-4142,,

High-oleic Soybean Oil=No Hydrogenation
Enhanced-trait soybean oils offer heart-health benefits for customers and increased functionality for developers. The U.S. soybean industry and its partners are developing oil solutions to help food manufacturers meet the demand for better-for-you baking and snack options, while maintaining product quality. High-oleic soybean oil is one such solution that will be especially important for baked and fried food products. High-oleic soybean oil eliminates the need for hydrogenation for products requiring high heat during processing, resulting in zero grams trans fat per serving. The United Soybean Board,,

Better Fiber Offers Multiple Benefits
Viscofiber® is a breakthrough product that provides high-quality, oat-soluble fiber. Viscofiber, a GRAS-affirmed, multi-functional ingredient suitable for functional food and dietary supplements, has an enhanced concentration of soluble fiber (9x more than oat bran). Viscofiber delivers multiple health benefits: improved cholesterol; improved glycemic response and glucose management; and increased satiety for weight-loss formulations. Natraceutical Canada Inc., Beatriz Mañas,,

Cognitive Health
Exercise and the Mediterranean diet, typified by oily fish, green leafy vegetables, nuts and low saturated fats, have been credited with many health benefits. Now, a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) can be added to the list. A study investigated the diets and lifestyles of 1,800 healthy adults, average age 77, over a five-and-a-half year period. It concluded that “both higher Mediterranean-type diet adherence and higher physical activity were independently associated with reduced risk for AD.” (Scarmeas, N, et al. 2009. Physical activity, diet, and risk of Alzheimer disease.JAMA. 302:627-637.) Type “Med Diet Cuts Alzheimer’s Risk 40%” into the search field for the news item.

All Three Omegas in Dry Format
Glanbia Nutritionals’ UltraGrad™ is the only dry ingredient combining all three omega-3 essential fatty acids: ALA, EPA and DHA. A highly stable, patented blend of flax and fish-sourced EFAs, UltraGrad presents manufacturers of fortified foods a uniquely process-tolerant, clean-tasting omega-3 solution. The range also includes an algae-based alternative suitable for vegetarians. UltraGrad’s “nutty” and “toasted” sensory profile offers manufacturers a great-tasting new way to add wholegrain-style, healthy functionality to baked goods, cereals, bars and dough applications. Glanbia Nutritionals, Eric Borchardt, 608-329-2800,,

Vegetarian-sourced DHA
Some 97% of the omega-3s in the human brain are DHA. DHA has been shown to support brain health throughout life, from infant brain development to the aging brain.   Consequently, adding DHA to food products will have consumer appeal that spans from young families to older adults. life’sDHA, from Martek, is from a vegetarian source, algae, not fish, so there is no fishy taste or smell. According to an online survey of 3,000 primary grocery shoppers, more consumers preferred foods fortified with DHA from algae over fish oil. Martek, customer service, 800-662-6339,,

Choline for Optimal Nerve Health
Choline is a biochemical building block, important in the synthesis of cell membranes and agents of neurotransmission and cell signaling; supplementation with choline during infancy and childhood may lead to improved lifelong memory. It contributes to the reduction of plasma homocysteine, a factor which may be significant in cardiovascular disease. Like folic acid, choline promotes optimal development of the fetal nervous system and participates in reactions that regulate the expression of important human genes. Balchem’s choline for fortification is very stable, easy to incorporate and promoted under the MemorC brand. Balchem, Migue Dejong, 845-355-5302,,

Diabetic Benefits
The September 28, 2009, issue ofPrepared FoodsE-ditionreported on research at the University Medical Centre in Utrecht that monitored the consumption patterns of over 40,000 people for 10 years. The study indicated that consuming at least three cups of tea every day can reduce the risk of diabetes by almost half. Type “Tea Cuts Diabetes Risk” into the search field to read a summary.

The September 28, 2009, issue ofE-dition; also reported on other recent studies where food or ingredient consumption beneficially impacted diabetes. For example, one small study looked at the consumption of oat powder, rye bran, sugar beet fiber and a mixture of these three, and concluded, “Postprandial glucose, insulin and triglyceride concentrations are influenced by dietary fiber-rich meals, depending on fiber source, dose of soluble and total fiber and, possibly, gender.” (Ulmius M, et al. 2009. The influence of dietary fibre source and gender on the postprandial glucose and lipid response in healthy subjects.Eur J Nutr. 48:395-402.) For a summary, type “Impact of Fiber-rich Meals” into the search field.

Help with Structure-function Claims
Hi-maize® resistant starch is a natural, nutritional ingredient derived from high-amylose corn. Backed by substantial scientific research, Hi-maize delivers four important benefits consumers demand: weight management, glycemic management, energy management and digestive health. Hi-maize is easily incorporated into low-moisture foods--breads, muffins, cereals, crackers, snacks and pasta--without compromising taste, texture or appearance. It helps food marketers produce unique, differentiated foods with meaningful consumer benefits. Food manufacturers can use Hi-maize resistant starch with structure-function claims on their food packages to maximize marketability beyond basic dietary fiber claims. National Starch Food Innovation, Marc Green, 908-685-5228,,

Digestive Health
Digestive health includes a broad range of conditions. Included are inadequate gastrointestinal enzymes, with lactase being the most prominent, to constipation and a multitude of others.

Two conditions experiencing increased consumer awareness, as well as marketplace success for products that address them, include gluten intolerance, or celiac disease, and immunity enhancement. (See the section for “Immunity Enhancement” on p. NS 20 in this Reference.) The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center succinctly defines celiac disease as an inherited autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive process of the small intestine. It points out that when the protein gluten (commonly found in wheat, rye and barley) is consumed by those who actually have celiac disease, the immune system responds by damaging or destroying the villi in the small intestine. This inhibits absorption of important nutrients and, if undiagnosed and untreated, can lead to other autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis, infertility, neurological conditions and, in rare cases, cancer. It is commonly reported that one out of every 133 Americans may have celiac disease. New research shows rates have risen rapidly in the last 50 years. (Rubio–Tapia, A, et al. 2009. Increased prevalence and mortality in undiagnosed celiac disease.Gastroenterology. 13:88-93.)

The treatment is “simple.” Foods with gluten must be avoided. The formulation of foods that traditionally have contained gluten, texture-providing protein, is complicated. Researchers have investigated the use of other structure-providing ingredients--from starches to hydrocolloids to alternative proteins--in the development of gluten-free products. For an overview of some of the formulation tactics taken, type in “Advances in Formulating Gluten-free Products” at, for a summary of an article first published in Elsevier’sTrends in Food Science & Technology

Enzymes Support Digestive Function
This company offers ingredients to support the digestive function, which include proteases, cellulases, hemicellulases, amylases and lipases. These enzymes are from microbial or botanical sources and also are available as custom blends, such as Enzopharm Plus. Enzyme Development Corporation, Peter Moodie, 212-736-1580, ext. 248,,

Replacing Gluten Function in Baked Goods
Gum Technology’s Coyote Brand® Stabilizer ST-101 is an all-natural gum blend, which combines xanthan and guar gums to create a synergistic combination that can replace the gluten functionality in baked goods. Gluten mixed with water will produce an elastic and porous web, which is capable of trapping the gas bubbles that leavening agents produce, allowing the product to rise. The gums in Coyote Brand Stabilizer ST-101 mimic this function. Call 800-369-GUMS for a sample and gluten-free brownie recipe. Gum Technology Corporation, Joshua Brooks, 800-369-4867,,

Energy and/or Sports Performance
The category for products related to energy maintenance or enhancement is large and can include everything from diabetic health and weight management to performance in athletic activities to cognitive alertness. Even the formulation of athletic foods, beverages and supplements is complex, in that products can target challenges ranging from muscle building to fatigue. To see an overview of some ingredients in commercial use, type “Novel Ingredients for Sports Nutrition Products” into the search field at Although policy makers, consumer groups and consumers themselves have been caught up in controversy surrounding certain highly popular supplement products that have disappeared from store shelves, more healthful alternatives are stepping in to take their place.

Examples of just a few recent studies that showed benefits for specific ingredients include those on creatine (Juhász, I, et al. 2009. Creatine supplementation improves the anaerobic performance of elite junior fin swimmers.Acta Physiol Hung. 96:325-36.); CoQ10 (Koh, M, et al. 2008. Reducing exercise-induced muscular injury in kendo athletes with supplementation of coenzyme Q10.Br J Nutr. 100:903-9.); and choline (Penry JT, and Manore, MM. 2008. Choline: an important micronutrient for maximal endurance-exercise performance?Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 18:191-203.).

Sustainable Energy with Ubiquinol
Ubiquinol, which was not available until recently in manufactured quantities, represents the new generation of sustainable energy. Ubiquinol, the patented, reduced form of COQ10, is readily absorbed and is more powerful than COQ10. Instead of the body reducing COQ10 into the ubiquinol form, which is an ability that diminishes with time, ubiquinol is immediately available for use by the body. This recent breakthrough ingredient has been proven to help heart health and is a natural antioxidant. The desire for energy products to move away from “boom and bust” caffeine-based development and to become “sustainable” makes this a very exciting development. PL Thomas,  Rodger Jonas, 973-984-0900, ext. 246,,

Better Performance Over the Long Haul
Palatinose™, from BENEO-Palatinit, is a fully digestible, low-glycemic carbohydrate that provides prolonged energy in the form of glucose, essential for mental and physical performance. Palatinose helps improve fat oxidation during physical activity, which leads to a higher proportion of energy expenditure from lipids and, thus, to a prolonged energy supply from carbohydrates. Its nutritional and technological benefits make Palatinose particularly suitable for all sports drinks (RTD and instant), providing the endurance energy athletes need for a better performance. It can be used in wellness and energy drinks, as well as in functional dairy and tea, and in beer. BENEO-Palatinit GmbH, Inga Moench, +0049-(0)621-421-150 (Germany),,

Specialty Nutritional Lipids
Stepan Company offers specialty nutritional lipids--NEOBEE® Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) and structured lipids. Commercialized over 50 years ago, kosher- and halal-certified, NEOBEE MCTs contain no trans fatty acids and provide a readily absorbed, low-calorie source of fat for use in foods designed to have nutritional benefits.  Derived from all-natural sources, NEOBEE MCTs are metabolized in 1/8 the time of conventional lipids and, therefore, do not accumulate as fat in body tissues. Stepan Company, James M. Butterwick, 201-712-7642,,

Betaine Improves Strength and Power
Danisco offers an integrated approach to the development of new foods and dietary supplements, through the application of sound science and technological innovation. The company works with customers to create everyday foods with optimized nutritional profiles, while maintaining excellent taste and texture. An ideal ingredient for sports drink formulations, BetaPower™ Natural Betaine is a purified form of anhydrous betaine that has been shown to improve physical performance, especially strength and power. As an osmolyte, betaine plays a key role in protecting cells against dehydration and stress-related water loss. Danisco (UK) Limited, Sarah-Jane Jumppanen,,

Immunity Enhancement
Although a recent report from a panel of The European Food Safety Authority has ruled there is inadequate information supporting probiotic health claims, a variety of studies point to benefits of both prebiotic fiber and probiotic cultures. Examples include one inulin study that indicated positive immune enhancement, but it noted the actual mechanism was yet to be discovered. (Ryz NR, et al. 2009. Long-chain inulin in¬creases dendritic cells in the Peyer’s patches and increasesex vivocytokine secretion in the spleen and mesenteric lymph nodes of growing female rats, independent of zinc status.Br J Nutr. 101:1653-63.) Type “Prebiotics & Immune Function” into the search field for a summary. Another study concluded that one bacterial strain showed probiotic traits, in part by creating an increased state of alertness in the defense system of the host intestinal epithelial cells. (Cammarota M, et al. 2009.In vitroevaluation ofLactobacillus plantarumDSMZ 12028 as a probiotic: emphasis on innate immunity.Int J Food Microbiol. 135:90-8.)

Bacteria Promotes Gut Health
Vivinal® GOS, a milk galacto-oligosaccharide, is distinct in its ability to stimulate immune and digestive health. Clinical studies have shown that Vivinal GOS stimulates the growth of beneficial, protective gut bacteria. This helps to enhance gut health and stimulate immune defenses. From the current range of commercially available prebiotics, milk galacto-oligosaccharides bear the most similarity to human milk oligosaccharides. Vivinal GOS is, therefore, an excellent ingredient for the fortification of infant foods. In addition to its proven physiological benefits, Vivinal GOS has excellent functionality and process stability. FrieslandCampina Domo, Lorraine Niba, 607-437-3638,,

Brilliant Colors, High Stability
Two nature-identical carotenoids from BASF are considerably more stable, when compared to other natural coloring agents or artificial azo dyes, states the company. The beta-carotene (Lucrarotin®) and lycopene (LycoVit ®) do not depend on the pH of the medium or degree of homogenization. The formation of collars of water or rings around the neck of the bottle, as well as sediment at the bottom of the bottle, also can be prevented with these “extremely stable,” consistent carotenoid formulations. In most cases, reformulating the drink is not required. The carotenoids’ antioxidant properties protect the drink and do not react with vitamin C. BASF Corporation, 800-527-9881,

 Ingredient Enhances Immunity
Wellmune WGP is a unique proprietary and patented ingredient that is clinically proven to enhance the immune system. Designed for use in foods, beverages and supplements, Wellmune WGP is GRAS-approved and has obtained food regulatory approval in other countries. Wellmune WGP is kosher, halal, non-allergenic and GMO-free. Wellmune WGP is the recipient of an IFT Innovation Award from the Institute of Food Technologists and an Excellence in Research Award from Frost & Sullivan. Biothera, David Walsh, 651-256-4606,,

Weight Management
The benefits of consuming ready-to-eat (RTE) breakfast cereals were examined in one study with 660 children, age eight to 10, as reported in the September 28, 2009, issue ofPrepared FoodsE-dition. The results showed that, “Except for energy, RTE cereal consumption was positively associated with all measures of nutrients for both sexes. In boys, higher RTE cereal consumption was associated with lower total and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and lower BMI.” The researchers concluded that children should continue to be educated on the nutritional benefits of regular RTE consumption. (Albertson, AM, et al. 2009. The relationship of ready-to-eat cereal consumption to nutrient intake, blood lipids and body mass index of children as they age through adolescence.J Am Diet Assoc. 109:1557-65.) For a news summary, type “Changes in RTE Cereal Consumption” into the search field.

Reducing calorie-containing components, particularly fat and sugar, remains the most common approach to formulating foods for weight maintenance. However, according to the “2009Prepared Foods’ R&D Survey: Weight Management,” product developers showed the greatest increase in interest in products with greater satiety.

A plethora of research has also looked into the ability of foods and ingredients to satiate. For a summary of just two, type in “Moderately Reduced Carb Diet Satiates Longer,” from the July 6, 2009 issue ofE-dition, and “Filling Fiber,” from the June 22, 2009 issue ofE-dition.

Fiber Aids Satiety
Good news! Some food ingredients have been found to curb the appetite. Fiber aids in weight control, by contributing to the feeling of fullness. Canadian Harvest® Oat Fibers and Stabilized Wheat Bran and SunOpta™ Soy Fibers from SunOpta Ingredients Group are all excellent ways to answer the call for more fiber and promote satiation. In addition, barley beta-glucan concentrate is a soluble fiber shown to reduce hunger in over a dozen clinical trials. Barley Balance™ is the most concentrated source of barley beta-glucan produced by a natural and sustainable process. SunOpta Ingredients Group, Laura Cooper, 781-276-5171,,

Egg Offers High Protein and Satiety
The American Egg Board reports researchers have discovered that an egg breakfast induced greater satiety and significantly reduced the participants’ food intake for the rest of the day, when compared to a bagel-based breakfast of equal weight. Eggs have an impressive macronutrient composition to contribute to their satiety impact. A registered dietitian and culinary instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York called eggs a “nutritional powerhouse.” No wonder, as eggs provide some of the highest quality protein of any food, as well as being one of the few non-dairy sources of vitamin D. For more on eggs and satiety, download: “Find True Satisfaction” at

Help with Hunger Control
Super CitriMax® is a functional food and beverage ingredient offering value-added product benefits. This GRAS-affirmed ingredient is 100% soluble, heat-stable, tasteless, odorless and colorless, making it an excellent choice for inclusion in a wide variety of products, such as water, fruit juice, dairy products, sachets and nutritional bars. Clinical research shows that Super CitriMax inhibits hunger, reduces daily caloric intake by 25% and supports a healthy weight. Super CitriMax meets the needs of consumers seeking appetite control and weight-management benefits through functional foods and beverages. InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Rob Worsena, 724-742-2009, rworsena@interhealth,

Stable Sugar Substitute
Replacing some or all of the sugar in a product does not mean consumers have to sacrifice taste. SPLENDA® Sucralose has a taste profile similar to sugar, yet is 600 times sweeter than sugar. It is stable in all kinds of processes and environments, and will not lose its sweetness over time, thus helping to ensure that consumers receive a consistent product more of the time. Additionally, it can be used to sweeten products for children, nursing mothers, diabetics or the elderly--an important benefit in today’s label-aware society. Tate & Lyle, 866-653-6622,,

Sweetener Offers Many Applications
A versatile sweetener that can be used alone or in combination with other sweeteners (such as sugar) to reduce calories, Reb-A is a completely natural, high-intensity sweetener that is up to 400 times sweeter than sugar. It is derived from the leaf of theStevia Rebaudiana(Bertoni) plant, which is native to South America, where it has been used safely as a sweetener for generations. Non-cariogenic and safe for diabetics, Reb-A can be used in a wide variety of food and beverage applications. PureCircle USA, Jason Hecker, 630-361 0374,,

General Health
A healthy diet logically contains a preponderance of healthy foods. While media touts the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains, which is certainly a desirable goal, the reality is that consumers often have little talent and even less time for the preparation of fresh meals every day. The food industry has both the challenge and the opportunity to develop products with beneficial nutritional profiles that also please the senses. From ingredients that can assist with texture, appearance or taste, when certain ingredients are reduced, to those whose addition improves nutrient content, a variety of options exist.

Gums as Dietary Fiber
Developed by CNI, Fibregum™ is an all-natural Acacia gum particularly rich in soluble fiber (90%). Fibregum has exceptional nutritional properties with documented health benefits, such as a prebiotic effect, a high digestive tolerance and a beneficial impact on the glycemic index of the finished product. Fibregum Bio comes from all-organic Acacia cultures in Africa (no fertilizer or pesticide used). The latest innovation of CNI is Equacia™. CNI’s development team identified synergies between Acacia soluble fibers and wheat insoluble fibers and developed a texturizing ingredient that emulates fat texture. The Equacia product line is manufactured using a proprietary technology, without any chemical or enzymatic treatment involved. Colloides Naturels Inc., 908-707-9400,,

Custom Nutrient Pre-mixes
Fortitech Inc., a founder and pioneer of the nutrient pre-mix industry, consistently leads the way in the field of fortification. The company has helped manufacturers introduce or improve over 30,000 products offering health and wellness benefits to consumers worldwide and is solely dedicated to the development and manufacturing of custom nutrient pre-mixes. Fortitech has the expertise to fortify virtually any product and can source over 1,400 ingredients from a comprehensive selection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleotides and nutraceuticals. Technical assistance and pre-mix samples can be requested through

New Zealand Blackcurrant Functionalities
Just the Berries offers New Zealand blackcurrant functional food ingredients. This amazing Superfruit has a higher nutrient density and antioxidant activity than that of many fruits. It contains extraordinary amounts of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. The unique combination of anthocyanins and polyphenols found in blackcurrants contribute to its many health benefits. Research has discovered these components aid and improve vision, brain, cardiovascular, immune, skin, metabolic and digestive health, and they contain high anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. The versatile ingredients offer endless applications for food and beverages. Just the Berries, 213-613-9807,,

Vitamin and Mineral Pre-mix Program
With extensive experience in custom solutions for nutritional pre-mixes, Caravan Ingredients created a vitamin and mineral pre-mix program sold under the trade name, Nutrivan™. This product line offers customized formulations for a variety of applications. Additionally, Caravan Ingredients has several blends aimed at delivering condition-specific solutions, including bone health, pregnancy nutrition, weight management, energy boost, mental focus and heart health. The program encompasses formulation expertise, application expertise, followed all the way through to the analysis of the finished product. Caravan Ingredients, Abby Ceule, 800-669-4092,,

Natural Ingredients Improve Nutrition
HealthyChoices@Jungbunzlauer is a line of natural ingredients geared towards improving the nutritional value of foods, beverages and supplements, easily. Citrate mineral salts are the soluble, bioavailable and organic choices for those serious about delivering real benefits of calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Erythritol all-natural, low-calorie sweetener can dramatically reduce sugar calories, without losing taste or functionality. Award-winning sub4salt® reduces sodium load by up to 50%, while maintaining salt flavor, functionality and processing parameters. CITROMA® works within processing parameters to reduce acrylamide formation at the source. Jungbunzlauer Inc., Colleen M. Zammer, 617-614-0248,

Even Tastes Like Real Salt
A new salt substitute called KCLean™ Salt, from Wixon Inc., not only cuts the sodium content of regular table salt in half, but matches the taste of salt and retains its texture, functionality and mouthfeel. KCLean Salt is a unique combination of potassium chloride and sodium chloride and a natural, proprietary, flavor blend from Wixon’s line of Mag-nifique™ Flavor Technologies. This special blend eliminates the typical metallic flavor or aftertaste usually associated with potassium chloride and gives KCLean Salt its distinctive table-salt flavor. Wixon Inc., Kim Holman, 414-978-6117,,

Gums are Good Source of Soluble Fiber
Smooth, rich, is easy to see the results of using gums and stabilizers from TIC Gums to modify texture. Concealed beneath an unassuming exterior, the majority of gums are also an excellent source of soluble dietary fiber. Most gums are 80% soluble dietary fiber on a dry-weight basis, providing more soluble fiber than many other popular sources. And, because gums and stabilizers from TIC Gums range from water-thin to very viscous, formulators can easily select the fiber source that performs best in their finished application. TIC Gums, Stacy VanDenHeuvel, 800-899-3953,,

Soyfoods: Real Food. Real Delicious
Some research shows plant-based diets offer the best options for a long, healthy life. The American Institute for Cancer Research has found diets featuring fruits, vegetables, and plant proteins are beneficial to preventing the development of a variety of chronic diseases. As an excellent source of cholesterol-free protein, soyfoods play a role in any healthy, plant-based diet. As an ingredient, soyfoods help boost the nutri¬tional value of foods and promote a healthy lifestyle that is focused on wholesome, tasty foods. Soyfoods Association of North America, Kelli J. Dieterich, 202-659-3520, press@, www.soyfoods.orgNS