Consumers, CPG and the Environment

August 9/Atlanta/PRNewswire -- A recent study by Concept Catalysts and iModerate Research Technologies found that 94% of Americans are concerned about the long-term effects that their packaged beverage purchases and consumption have on the environment. The free study also shows that recycling was cited frequently (45%) as the most important environmental concern for packaged beverages. Health concerns and economic issues also contribute to recent category declines in packaged beverage purchases.

This report "Environmental Concerns: The impact on beverage and package decisions" contains these and many other findings such as:
* Environmental concerns are driving down the consumption of bottled water.
* Although 56% of consumers cite recycling as a critical issue, many are not recycling at work or away from home.
* Concern for environmental issues among consumers has heightened as a result of the Gulf oil spill.
* Half of the respondents are confused about the meaning of sustainability, some citing it as a negative environmental attribute.

The research utilized a mixed methods approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods to explore what drives consumers' packaged beverage purchasers. The study sampled over 500 respondents giving a margin of error of +/-4.29 at the 95% confidence level.

Bob Falkenberg, founder of and president of Concept Catalyst says, "Our research shows that consumers think about the environment when they are making beverage purchases; specifically, the findings indicate that consumers relate positively to packages that are easy to recycle. Beverage companies should start a full court press on recycling."

From the August 16, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition