Lucas Skwinkles Sopeados has launched Gummies with Chili Sauce. This truly unique product consists of bite-sized gummy candies and chili sauce dip. The flavor profile pairs chili sauce with confectionery, playing on a salty/sweet flavor. Although chili is a common ingredient in Mexican confectionery, with several introductions filtering into the U.S. market, this format of gummies with a separate chili dipping sauce is newer to the U.S. market. Packaged in a single-serve tray with an attached dip cup, it offers portable and convenient snacking, similar to single-serve snack and dip trays used for kids’ snacks. Lucas’s Skwinkles Sopeados Gummies with Chili Sauce could provide inspiration into new applications for savory sauce, such as confectionery. Its single-serve format offers a surprising candy snack with a unique flavor.

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