Sensient Invests in Aseptic Packaging

February 15/St. Louis/Sensient Colors Press Release -- Sensient Colors LLC notes it has added state-of-the-art aseptic packaging capabilities.

Sensient Food Colors, one of the largest business units of Sensient Technologies Corporation, made a capital investment to add aseptic packaging capabilities, an effort to "further define the industry standard for best practices relating to natural color production.  Aseptic packaging capabilities offer customers preservative-free colors that deliver maximum shelf life and, as an additional benefit, enhance sustainability."

"Our customers want preservative-free natural colors to align with consumer demand for wholesome, clean label declarations for food and beverage products.  Eliminating preservatives from natural color systems significantly reduces shelflife.  With our new aseptic packaging system, we are able to offer customers preservative-free natural colors that have a shelflife comparable to a preserved color,” said Steve Morris, commercial director, United States Food Group.  “Our aseptic packaging also aligns with our sustainability policy, as well as those of many of our customers.  Our new packaging reduces waste and is completely recyclable, minimizing the carbon footprint.” Packaging is now available in sizes more conveniently aligned with usage from as small as one-half gallon containers to large totes.

"In addition to the clear benefits of aseptic, our new aseptic packaging plant simplifies the supply chain by removing steps from the process to minimize risk,” said David Gebhardt, director of manufacturing, Color Group.

From the February 21, 2011, Prepared Foods E-dition