MillerCoors Flavoring Beer

January 18/Chicago/States News Service -- MillerCoors LLC has announced plans to launch a lemonade-flavored version of low-calorie beer MGD 64, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The brewer said the beverage would be distributed as a limited-edition summer brand May through Labor Day, launched as an effort to attract new customers to the beer category and to leverage "the growing consumer interest in flavored beers," according to Andy England, chief marketing officer for MillerCoors.

MillerCoors also announced plans last week for a new marketing campaign for the main version of MGD 64, an effort to strengthen the brand.

The announcement for MGD 64 Lemonade coincides with declining sales volumes for mass-market brews in the U.S., which have experienced increased competition from wine, distilled spirits, and craft beers.  

From the January 19, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News
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