Coffee lovers will soon find ready-to-drink (RTD), single-serve coffee products at more retail locations throughout the country. Through an exclusive partnership, Molson Coors Beverage Company will begin distributing La Colombe Coffee Roasters' RTD coffee products in the drug and convenience channels via its vast distribution network in 2021. La Colombe and Molson Coors plan to fully transition distribution for all channels to the Molson Coors network over time.
Consumer demand for specialty and RTD coffee products continues to grow. The US market for RTD coffee is worth $4.6 billion, and it is expected to grow by two-thirds over the next five years, according to an analysis based on IRI and Spins data along with blended data from investor, Mintel and Euromonitor reports. La Colombe's approach to quality and innovation, as well as its emphasis on clean ingredients and crafted café-quality beverages, reflect Molson Coors' own priorities.
The partnership with Molson Coors will more than double La Colombe's retail footprint in drug and convenience stores, the latter of which ranks as the top channel for RTD coffee, accounting for some 41% of total retail sales, per Nielsen data.
Molson Coors plans to begin distributing La Colombe's revolutionary Draft Latte and beloved Brazilian Cold Brew products beginning in January 2021. The partnership is inclusive of extensions of all existing RTD coffee product lines and future RTD products. Molson Coors also will have access to any new, innovative products the coffee roaster may develop.
RTD coffee is just one area in which Molson Coors is focusing in the non-alcohol beverage category. The company recently unveiled a new slate of non-alcohol products made in collaboration with beverage creator and incubator L.A. Libations, and moved into non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beverages via its joint ventures with the HEXO Corp. in Canada and Colorado.