June 13/London/Daily Mail -- A new survey has revealed that children as young as six are suffering strokes due to obesity, as their parents often feed them pureed junk food.

Doctors said that parents who wean their babies off milk while they are too young and also feed them inappropriate foods, even mashing up high-salt, high-fat takeaways such as burgers and chips as baby food, cause much of the problem.

Families have been sent on courses to learn about healthy eating and receive advice on how to feed children, reports the Daily Mail.

The survey, which covered less than half of Britain's acute hospitals, has revealed that more than 5,500 children under 16 were treated for clinical obesity in the past five years, while one in three children was classified as clinically obese.

Specialists said that even one year-olds weigh as much as three stones, twice the normal weight at that age.


From the June 14, 2011,Prepared Foods' Daily News.