April 26/Maisons-Alfort, France/Press Release -- Bio Springer is announcing moderate price increases of approximately 3-5% for all new contracts. This increase is necessary due to continuing escalation in the cost of key raw materials, in particular sugars and energy.

Bio Springer manufactures yeast extracts from primary grown yeast on sugar substrates (molasses and sugar syrups), through an energy intensive process. Bio Springer, a company of the Lesaffre Group, provides savoury yeast products for soups, sauces, seasonings, convenience foods, snacks, meat products, and culture media for fermentation industries.  

Demand for yeast extract has been growing sharply in 2010 and continues to be strong in 2011, driven by the growth of convenience food production, by the growing interest of food manufacturers for clean label savoury ingredients and the search for animal free culture media in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to better serve this growing demand, Bio Springer has build two new production units in the US. and in China. The Chinese plant started operations in April 2010 and the North American unit in November 2010.