October 10/Bucharest/Business Review-- Khaled El Solh is the new CEO of Caroli Foods Group, replacing Haluk Akdemir who held the position between 2000-2011, a period marked by the local merger with Campofrio Food Group. Akdemir will be appointed member of the joint venture board.

El Solh, who has also been a member of joint venture board since last year, has over 11 years of professional experience with the company, holding various executive positions. Between 2008 and 2008, he served as sales, marketing and logistics executive director and went on to be R&D and business development executive director in the following two years.

Last year, Caroli Foods Group and Campofrio Food Group signed a merger contract establishing a joint venture with operations in Romania and Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine and Turkey. Caroli Foods Group, which is owned by the Lebanese family El Solh, holds 51% of the new company’s stake and Campofrio Food Group controls the other 49%.

 From the October 10, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News.