November 30/Venice, Fla./PRWEB -- Ambo Foods LLC has consolidated its products and websites to become Omega3 Innovations, creating a new way of ordering the Omega Cure, Omega Cookie, and other omega-3 products.

Omega3 Innovations says it hopes this will make it easier and more enjoyable for customers to learn about the health benefits of omega-3 fish oil and soluble fibers.

“The new name better reflects our area of expertise and our novel approach to helping people change their health,” said Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD, co- founder of the company.

The name change also reflects the company’s core values, notes a company release. Omega3 Innovations wants consumers to know that the products not only contain superior omega-3 fatty acid nutrition, but also essential nutrients like oat fibers found in the Omega Cookie. Consumers can get an adequate dose of omega-3 in one Omega Cookie, the same 2000 mg EPA/DHA dose prescribed by the American Heart Association.

 From the December 1, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News.