Prepared Foods July 4, 2005 enewsletter

The board of directors of V-Net Beverage Inc. announced it has approved a name change amendment to its Articles of Incorporation. To wit, V-Net Beverage Inc. is renamed RushNet Inc. These changes will be automatically applied for stockholders who hold shares of V-Net Beverage Inc. in "street name" in their brokerage accounts.

However, stockholders holding physical share certificates of V-Net Beverage Inc. and/or its precursor companies will be contacted in writing by the transfer agent. The transfer agent will explain the process by which said share certificates can be exchanged for new share certificates of RushNet, Inc., signed by the president Robert J. Corr.

Said Robert Corr, "Our new name RushNet Inc. reflects the company's close relationship with the well-known Rush brands and the intended integration of non-beverage items into our beverage product mix. The new name better serves us as we expand product lines, extend our national marketing reach and build innovative models of delivery fulfillment."

Corr also underscored progress made in the establishment of key distribution and sales channels. Finally, Corr urged ALL stockholders to request physical delivery of their shares.