January 2012/Prepared Foods -- Fiberstar Inc. and Gum Technology have formed a collaboration to create Hydro-Fi, an all new line of texturizing ingredients for the food industry. Hydro-Fi ingredients combine Fiberstar’s citrus fibers with Gum Technology’s highly functional, hydrocolloid-based stabilizer blends. Hydro-Fi ingredients have been designed to provide innovative solutions for specific challenges in food formulation. For example, Hydro-Fi has been formulated to replace 50% of the eggs, and reduce costs, in cakes. In reduced-fat ice cream and sorbet, Hydro-Fi reduces ice crystallization, improves texture, increases overrun and delays melting. Hydro-Fi also improves texture and reduces staling in baked goods and improves yield in meat products. Fiberstar,www.citri-fi.compf