Click here to learn more:The magic of food science takes an essential energy source like ribose and transforms it into a delicacy like Dark Chocolate Trim Truffles or Cinnamon Power Bread. While it might seem like wizardry, the secret is hard work and dedication by a company like Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. that for decades has studied to understand and harness one of the basic building blocks of life for the benefit of human health. 

Bioenergy Life Science launched a new landing page, to introduce mainstream food processing companies to Bioenergy Ribose® and its broad spectrum of possibilities. Processed into a fine, hydroscopic powder, above 99% pure, Bioenergy Ribose blends naturally into beverages and foods as a non-GMO, all natural ingredient, and the only ribose that is FDA GRAS affirmed. While relatively new to the food industry, Bioenergy Ribose presents a solid, twenty-year history backed by a wealth of clinical research proving its efficacy in health and sports nutrition applications.

“We can help our clients target their demographic audience while meeting the proper guidelines. From kids to athletes to seniors, anyone who needs energy needs ribose.”

In fact, ribose sprang into medical lexicons in the 1980s when an investigative surgeon discovered it helped heart patients’ speed to recovery when ribose was administered prior to and after operations. Fifteen years ago it moved into sports nutrition to improve an athlete’s endurance and reduce sore muscles and pain.

According to Gabe Herrick, director of sales, Bioenergy Life Science, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., “For us, the medical aspect comes first, marketing is second. Somewhere in the middle we’ll find compromise with structure/function claims. We can help our clients target their demographic audience while meeting the proper guidelines.

“Our bodies already produce ribose to fuel ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, production, the energy currency that keeps our cells humming, to the tune of millions of units of ATP per day. The availability of ribose determines the rate the body manufactures ATP, so ribose is key to the body’s energy level. When the body’s demand exceeds supply, we need to supplement. From kids to athletes to seniors, anyone who needs energy needs ribose.”

Bioenergy Ribose significantly improves endurance during strenuous workouts, shortens recovery time reducing cramping and soreness and reduces fatigue for those suffering from certain chronic diseases or energy depletion due to the simple effects of aging. “Baby boomers interested in maintaining an active lifestyle need ribose to achieve proper levels of ATP production,” says Herrick.

 Bioenergy Ribose performs like a sugar in terms of sweetening characteristics and the Maillard reaction, for example. However, while it enters the bloodstream within 20 minutes after ingestion, ribose actually lowers blood glucose levels.

Bioenergy Life Science has the research and experience to help formulators discover the right amount of ribose inclusion to benefit its products and target audience. “Numerous energy and athletic drinks already include Bioenergy ribose as a staple ingredient,” says Herrick. “We’re looking now at cereals, bars, gummies and nut mixes as just a start to the applications possible with ribose. Our web page is a great landing point to begin a dialogue between food formulators, their marketing team and Bioenergy.” FFI

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