Lycored Ltd.’s unique tomato lycopene formulation is tailored specifically for use as natural colorant in surimi applications, enabling food manufacturers to use a natural, vegetarian colorant. Surimi is a highly popular food product in Asia and the U.S. and is available in many shapes, forms and textures—which are often identical to the meat of lobster, crab or other shellfish. The most common Western surimi product is a crab-meat analogue (“imitation crab” or “mock crab”). While the common red colorant used in the production of surimi is carmine extracted from cochineal insects, consumer aversion and growing concern over possible allergies has made carmine less desirable to processors. LycoRed’s innovative tomato lycopene formulations are said to maintain perfect stability during the production process and through the surimi product’s shelflife. The formulations are freely blendable with other colors, such as paprika, to allow manufactures flexibility. LycoRed, Israel,,