Stratum Nutrition says its ARTINIA chitin-glucan fiber works well as a “drop-in” ingredient with excellent sensory and quality results compared to the control and other fibers. ARTINIA can easily be added to batter, dough or sponge without reformulation. By simply adding ARTINIA to an existing formula, adjusting the water level, blending and baking, one finds the dough responds positively to mixing, handling and machining. This is partly due to the low viscosity of the ingredient and its unique water-withholding capacity, therefore requiring less energy to make the dough. Stratum has evaluated the performance of ARTINIA in breads, cookies and muffins. Scientists studied sensory, color, crust, volume, air cells (grain), dough and sponge structures, water absorption, shelflife, texture and more. The score sheet results showed better or equal performance to the control (no fiber) and better than the compared barley fiber. – Stratum Nutrition / Novus Nutrition Brands LLC,